If you enjoy writing, then working as a paid blogger is a great job! Often you can work-from-home, make your own hours, and get paid to do what you love. For serious writers, there are paid bloggers who work full-time at large and small companies around the world. The opportunities are out there, and below are resources to help you find a blogging job, get hired, and become a paid blogger.

Before you start looking for a job as a paid blogger, you need to do some prep work. Brush up on your writing skills, read a lot of blogs, join the conversations through blog comments, start your own blog, read some blogging books, and learn the do’s and don’ts of blogging best practices. Read the articles below to learn it all.

The Blogosphere is growing very fast and the number of people who write daily blogs is increasing. But, in turn, the growth of personal blogging is accompanied by what is known as the professional blogging. On the web there are many professional bloggers, or people who work, earn money, and even live this.

If you consider yourself a professional blogger, or at least you’re trying to be, I’d like to share with you some tips and tools to help you optimize the daily task of writing.

Being a blogger is easy: all you have to do is open a blog and start writing. But to get paid for writing is not as simple as it seems, especially if you have no experience in the field.

However, you have to start somewhere, and this article will try to help newcomers.

The good work of blogger is that you can do from home or from anywhere if you have a laptop and internet connection. Working from home obviously has many benefits, but also has some cons, which I will detail below.

How To Start Working As A Blogger

Why is much better than Working in an Office?

Work blogger is much better than a conventional office job that: you are at home (or if you have a notebook can be anywhere you have connection), you manage your time as you want , you take a break when you are tired , you can work with the TV on, you can hear the music you want , you will not have a boss behind your back constantly , you can work in lingerie , eating what you want , and many more .

Working from home as a blogger has the negative: if you’re a little vague on being in your home you can easily distract, to not have someone constantly back watching your performance may surrender least not have schedules can be fatal for someone which is not organized. No personally socialize with co-workers , and women do not know (surely this will slow down a lot ) .

As you will see as you work from home blogger have their pros and cons. From my perspective the positives far outweigh the negatives, and that is why I decided to work on this and still continue to do so . Comfortable and happy.

Have you decided? Would you like to start ? Well , where to start …

Find your First Job :

You all want to start , but … Where do you start ? First, I recommend you seek a position on  A Blogger site where employers advertise their candidate searches for blogs. There you will also find people who offered to work , and you can post your offer . Some of the work that I have now found them on this website . It is almost indispensable to start.

If you find nothing there, or if you are expecting the response of some e- mails you sent , you can try accessing the sites blog networks you know. They almost always find a form to fill out and you run , or else you can send an e- mail offering your services .

Find a Blogger Returning to perhaps find a network of blogs that are pro asking for a site that does not interest you . This does not mean that you can go to the main web site and send an email too, by offering your services and detailing your interests (later I will delve into this issue ) .

Assuming you find ads that interested , it’s time to send an email . But , you know sell well? At this time of promoting yourself is essential.

How To Start Working As A Blogger

Learn to Sell for a Job

When sending an e -mail requesting employment is key to know how to promote yourself . Besides being formal and not write an e- mail very long (which could take the desire of reading the employer , if we assume that it is a very busy person ) you have to know what to expect from you and let also say why you are interested in participating the project.

In an e- mail job application never attach a resume , unless explicitly requested in the job announcement . Tell a little about yourself , such as where you are , what your name is , how old you are , and not much else .

Before tell the employer why you want to participate in your project write a bit about your experience on the net if you do. You can tell how long you write , how you write blogs (whether personal or are free ) , and talk about your good writing . Mail fail to link directly to pages that contain your own articles, so the employer can go to check your experience and writing quickly and without complications.

Once told about you , why you are interested in participating in any of your blogs. Like the subject matter ? Have ability to write about this or that issue? Do you have experience with that? Shows interest and I assure you at least get an answer.

Ends mail greeting politely. Remember to include a sentence of considerable power , which generates commitment in most cases ” . Thank you very much for your attention and I hope your answer “

If all goes well, will surely get a first job , and if you’re lucky you can get more than one. Once started , the task can hinder you ( happened to us all at one time ) . This can happen because many times we do not set our minds to be blogger is a job like any other and takes time and organization.

Clear your Doubts with the Employer before

If you get a job , you need to argue from the beginning with your employer employment conditions . Some questions that you can do, so there is no confusion in the future :

  • How much will I ?
  • Is there a minimum amount of items need to write per day ?
  • Is there a maximum number of items you need to write per day ?
  • When payment is made ?
  • By what system do I get paid ?
  • What extension should be the items? (What is common between 400 and 650 words )
  • Can I take pictures from any where ?
  • Are the sources must be in English or may be in any language?
  • Do I have co-workers? What method is used for two users upload the same item?

The answers to these questions from the beginning let the matter clear enough for you then there is no confusion . It is important that everything is clear from the beginning , because then things can get complicated .

Once you begin, the most important thing is to get organized , find a time to work and make the most of , and talk a little about this below .

I had a hard time organizing my horrors , I must admit. At first I was going to lose track of the written articles and things like that. Patience, all had bad times at the beginning sometime. But I assure you that when you manage to arrange the experience becomes very dynamic , easy, and you can enjoy it at any time .

How To Start Working As A Blogger

Organize your Schedule and Blogger

Organizing your time is key for optimal performance . The idea is to find the time slot that suits you . The particularity of this is that for every person preferences change : for some the best time to work is the early morning , while others prefer the afternoon or evening . I, for one , preferred the night during the holidays, but now I started my studies again I found the best time is during the afternoon.

Once you reach the times you have to do some time trials . If time spent on daily work is more or less constant ( write the same number of entries per day ) has a working time for a week. Once you have found an average , Throw in half an hour and secure it as a daily working time.

Come up with an example: if after a week we will realize that the work of writing takes you 3 hours per day, Throw in half an hour, incorporate it at the time of day that is most comfortable for you to work and force yourself to respect it. Assuming that the best time for me is a night I’ll put as working hours of 21.30 to 01.00, for example.

The average time served be used for recreation, you can take it all together or in small batches . Remember it is not good for your body to be in the same position many hours . Furthermore, distracted with something else for a while you clear your mind.

Take Breaks at Work

The key is to pay more to be rested , and is very good for your body to rest every half hour or forty minutes. What you can do is just walk around your house a few minutes , or do some stretching exercise .

It is very important to be in a comfortable chair. This is the place where you’ll be most of the time , and if you’re not comfortable consequently will surrender not 100%. There are some very good computer chairs that keep you straight back down , these are highly recommended.

Remember the rule of the half hour and respect it : your workday will ever be able to use 30 minutes to rest. You are responsible for managing them as suits you . Make use of the maximum and the work you will never look heavy.

Optimize your Work Time

If you’ve got a job , learn to manage and optimize your time to write more in less time. With some Firefox extensions , applications and techniques you can perform the same amount of work in half the time . You can read the article I wrote about 8 tips to get your work done in half the time .

And as work … comes the time when you pay

The issue of payment is a very important part of the job . There are different methods , the most popular in most cases PayPal . Use and collect money from an account is very easy if you use the Xoom , which is available in a lot of countries. Of course, keep in mind that charge a fee , but … Who ? Today does not charge a commission?

Work blogger is easy if you have good writing and you love to write. As you handle the amount of work and time, and your breaks, you can become a very good experience.

As always I hope you serve these ideas and as I lose the fear to undertake your own business, the road is not easy, but once you get the results and you realize that all the effort you do is for you sacrificed everything worthwhile.

Being a professional blogger is not an easy job. Writing several articles per day either. But I hope that, at least with these tips, it can improve efficiency when writing, and incidentally save some time. Sometimes the most tedious (at least for me) task is to post and not write. Although I must admit that there are days I honestly do not miss a single word, and this translation is known as writer’s block.

Remember that the readers’ comments in articles can sometimes be of great help to find new items. We could perhaps read them to know what interests them and dabble a bit on that.

There are tips to improve the speed of posting and facilitate the task of the blogger, probably in future articles and share them with you. But I want to know what you thought this article.