Nowadays, as we are in the era of modern technology, business companies made of use of technology in order to make their work easier and faster. Some would use software applications in order to make their performance topnotch.

One of the software used in the business industry is a key performance indicator. A performance indicator or key performance indicator is an industry term for a type of performance measurement. It is also known as a KPI dashboard. It is a type of software application that can determine the corporation or industry’s performance.

The most current information on various aspects of performance, such as recent sales and performance statistics of competing organizations are provided and examined by the KPI dashboard. With the help of such software application, a business organization could easily and quickly gain access with their corporate statistics and current industry performance. Usually, if you don’t have access to this particular application, it would take days or even weeks to actually gain access with certain information about your company’s status.

KPI dashboard brings a lot of advantages in a business organization. One of those advantages is the sales figures comparison. Sales figures from one quarter to another can be easily and quickly compared if a KPI dashboard is at hand. This comparison could help the organization in decision making process about their strategy, performance and how to level their competitors. The decision making process is the very crucial part in an organization since it is the one responsible for the success or failure of the company. In order to make the right decision, right and most accurate information should also be accumulated. A suitable software application can help provide much of the information needed.

This particular application can be used in different types of industry such airline industry, health care industry and many more. In airline industry, financial performance and additional statistics of different carriers are tracked by the application. In health care industry, the number of patients that come through the emergency room in each hospital within a region, which facility gets the most trauma cases and which specific diseases are most diagnosed are tracked by the application. For organizations with several domestic or global locations, such an application can show which are the highest performing in terms of revenue, compare levels of productivity, or indicate which locations are most cost effective.

Applications also typically include various types of data that can be chosen for analysis or comparison. Such top reporting software applications also have features that have the ability to generate graphs, bar charts, pie charts and many other visual aids used in data analysis. Filters are also used to look at specific events or ranges of events which include dates, selection of specific product sales within an organization or for more refined data that is highly dependent upon certain factors