More and more website owners are opting for cloud web hosting services. This article explains what managed cloud hosting is, its advantages, and how it works.

Know More About Managed Cloud Hosting

Demand for cloud web hosting services has increased in recent years. This has also seen a rise in the number of web hosting firms that offer cloud-hosting solutions. Those who are new to this service might want to know what advantages it offers. Read on to find an answer to this and more. First, it would be good to understand what cloud hosting is and how it works.

What Is Cloud Hosting and how does it Work?

The basic premise of cloud hosting relies on sharing of resources with more than one node or machine in order to achieve coherence and economies of scale. As such, cloud web hosting spreads resources for maintaining websites across multiple web servers. These machines operate in the ‘cloud’, which is essentially an electronic structure that stores data over many interlinked servers.

Each server in the cloud usually executes a particular set of tasks. These may include storage, file back up, bandwidth allotment among other processes. Although these machines run on client server software that controls distribution of computing power, a cloud server administrator has to set the necessary configurations to optimize servers for efficiency, storage, backup and more.

Hosting a website on a cluster of servers has many advantages. When one server malfunctions, the remaining ones kick in to offer the required resources. This therefore reduces overreliance on one server. With this level of reliability comes 100% uptimeor site availability.

In a multiple server environment, web-hosting resources are available as and when needed. This allows for instantaneous scalability and performance improvements. What this means is that cloud servers will scale up any website as it grows in terms of traffic and size. This also prevents chances of any downtime during peak loads when servers are on overdrive. What’s more, cloud hosting offers a cost effective service since clients pay for the bandwidth they use to deliver content.

While cloud hosting offers many benefits, accounts need management in order to ensure that sites are always online for internet users to access them. In case you do not have the skills of a web-hosting technician, there is the option of signing up for managed cloud hosting packages.

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What to Expect from Managed Cloud Hosting

The term managed hosting denotes a web-hosting package that offers some level of assistance from the service provider. Depending on the package that clients sign up for, the support offered with this type of service varies. A typical monitored cloud web-hosting provider may offer services for installation, software maintenance, security monitoring, performance enhancement, DNS configuration among other things.

With all the web-hosting providers out there, choosing one that offers managed hosting services may seem like a daunting task. However, a good monitored web hosting service should provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support. In addition, the infrastructure and technology used by a prospective web hosting company should give an indication of the level of service to expect.

A good rule of thumb when looking for a reliable cloud hosting service is to choose a provider that has datacenters that cover vast geographical locations. Keep these few tips in mind while looking for managed cloud hosting solutions for your website.

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