Stress levels can get high during renovation projects. Even if you have everything meticulously planned out, you can still experience problems that will set you back. High expectations, breaking budgets, unforeseen problems and problems using amenities such as water or electricity during this time can mean that you could find yourself getting stressed very easily and quickly. We’ve come up with 6 ways you can reduce your stress during a renovation to ensure that whatever comes your way, you will be equipped to handle it.

1. Don’t Panic About Cleaning

While everything may look a mess for now, it will likely be in the contract for the contractor to do a basic and effective clean up after renovation. This means they will get rid of plaster crumbs, wood splinters, dust and all the other small but annoying debris left after renovation. If you want a really thorough job done, consider hiring a heavy-duty clean-up crew. Often these crews will reorganise your garage or storage spaces if you are happy to pay a bit extra. It can really reduce your stress to have a nice, clean and newly renovated home.

6 Ways To Reduce Stress During A Renovation

2. Be Realistic

High expectations can often lead to becoming stressed when things do not turn out like you expected them to. Be realistic about what this renovation will do to the room. Work with what you have and check magazines and articles for tips about what you could do with the room to make something that is both attractive and realistic.

3. Make a Project Budget

If you have planned what to spend on every item or job that may come up, you will feel more secure in what is happening. If you add another 10 percent for unplanned expenses, if there is a problem you will know you have the funds to handle it, and this will lead to less stress. Visit showrooms and do price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best price for goods and services. Any miscalculations can seriously affect a project, as well as your stress levels.

4. Hire a Good Contractor

If you have a good contractor who works well with you, this can really reduce stress levels. Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone. Check any contractor’s references and make sure they are fully insured and bonded. Get everything that you agree in writing and make sure you are both aware of payment schedules. Ensure you know which party will be responsible for upfront payments, permits and any other details you think are important. Clarify the importance of sealing the work area so that dust doesn’t go over the rest of your house.

5. Expect to Wait

Deliveries can take a long time, especially if what you are looking for is out of stock. You may need to wait until a skilled labourer is available to do the work you want, especially if it is a specialist project. Make sure you reduce stress by making sure of the ETA of products and services. Don’t be afraid to follow up, though ensure you are polite.

6. Be the Family Spin-doctor

Finding creative ways around problems, no matter how large or small, doesn’t need to be stressful – in fact, it can be fun! If the gas and electricity don’t work, order out or eat out. If plumbing is a problem, visit a friend or helpful neighbour. If you put a positive spin on the situation, the level of stress can go down for your whole family.