You took the first step and decided to do away with your traditional cigarettes. With so many options available to you to help you kick your habit, deciding which to utilise can be difficult. Fortunately, this is no longer true. With the invention of the e-cigarette, smokers found a brand new way to kick their habit without the need to come off nicotine. At first they were nothing more than an electronic cigarette with the taste and nicotine level of a traditional cigarette, but now these amazing devices are a work of art and the flavours of e-liquid are unlimited. You are not stuck with that unpleasant flavour you learned to put up with for your buzz. Instead, you can quite taste a variety of flavours, such as mocha, strawberry, vanilla, and much more and all are available at extremely affordable prices.

Kick The Bad and Keep The Good With E-Cigarettes

Knowledge is Power

Did you know the electronic cigarette was actually invented in the 1960s? For one reason or another, it did not come into the mainstream until a decade ago. Now there are more than 250 brands available and e-liquid is constantly developed into something more enjoyable and easier to hit. Today, more than four million Americans smoke these amazing devices, and millions more in Australia choose them over traditional, unhealthy cigarettes.

Like your phone, e-cigarettes use a rechargeable lithium battery to operate. In addition, they utilise a cartridge called a cartomizer. As an added effect, you can choose to get an e-cigarette made to look like a traditional one, complete with a red LED light at the end to simulate the experience of drawing on a cigarette. There are dozens of designs to choose from, and you can even mix and match compatible components in order to create your own custom look.

When you draw vapour from the device, the e-liquid is heated to a boil until vapour is produced. No matter hard you pull, the device is created to produce the same amount of vapour every time.

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Smoking

Buying an e-cigarette can expand your world a thousand fold. No longer are you forced to stand out in the cold just to enjoy the buzz you crave. With so many delicious flavours available, you can even enjoy the process of “vaping” just for the sake of it. In fact, there are e-liquids on the market with no nicotine in them at all, as e-cigarettes steadily move into the mainstream. Your loved ones will thank you for the chance to see you more often and remove the clingy cigarette smell you couldn’t avoid before. Since you exhale vapour and not smoke, you can comfortably enjoy your device anywhere you choose to do so, and you earned the right when you chose to kick traditional cigarettes for good. It is never too late to take the first step away from the hassle of cigarettes and pick up your new e-cigarette. Take a quick look online right now in order to choose the best device and flavour for you.