Aspiring to become an engineer? You will have to go through a lot of obstacles in fulfilling your dream. JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) one of the critical most exam will decide your fate in engineering career. A career which is fun and interesting. A career which will make you one amongst the highest paid professionals across the globe. You get to nurture your creativity, travel across the world if you can get yourself placed in one of the top companies like Apple or Microsoft.

Significance of JEE in Life of an Engineer

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) conducts JEE, an aptitude test for getting admission in IITs, NITs and all the other premier engineering colleges in the country. The exam happens in two tiers – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You need to clear JEE Main in order to appear for JEE Advanced. The syllabus of this exam comprises of CBSE class 11 and CBSE 12 syllabus covering Maths, chemistry and physics as subjects. The students have to study, practise, analyze and they have to follow a strategy in order to crack this exam with such high difficulty level.

Why is JEE such a Hard Nut to Crack?

Clearing JEE and getting into IITs, NITs and other top private engineering colleges, is so much hard primarily, because number of students who appear for this exam has been increasing with every passing year. Hence, getting a good rank among them is very much difficult. There is absolute cut-throat competition among students to crack it at one go. But, students who couldn’t get through in their first attempt, try repeated times for getting through. The other important reasons which makes cracking JEE one of the difficult task is as follows:

  • Limited seats with many seats captured through reservation against various categories.
  • The syllabus is extremely vast. No matter how much time you get covering everything becomes really difficult.
  • The allotment of time for the exam is less as the question paper comprises of 180 questions to be completed in mere 90 minutes.

How should you prepare yourself for JEE?

If your aim is to join one of the IITs, then the first step towards chasing your goal is to get yourself a mentor or get yourself enrolled in an institute providing the best coaching for IIT. There are numerous coaching institutes providing IIT coaching but you need to figure out the best one through proper research.

Pointing out 5 best practices for your preparation for JEE exam:

1. Mental Preparation

If you are eyeing for cracking JEE then, believing in yourself, self motivating yourself and having faith in yourself is extremely important. If you carry a positive attitude and prepare yourself mentally then you can come out a winner for sure.

2. Creation of time-table

Preparing a timetable will enable you to go ahead with your preparation with a proper strategy. You can chalk out the study routine and allott time for each and every subject in a balanced way.

3. Learning basics and time management

Understanding, clearing and strengthening the basic concept of each subjects will make you confident facing the exam. The art of managing time will help you in finishing the lengthy question paper and will it will save you the time for revision of the paper as well.

4. Appearing for mock tests

If you solve or refer to previous year JEE main question papers and sit for mock tests available online in many e-portals, then it will help you in understanding the topics more and it also helps you to get a clear picture of your preparation level.

5. Stay fit & healthy

Get at least 8 hours of sleep, exercise daily and practice meditation to increase concentration level. You should always indulge yourself in healthy diet to stay healthy.


Apart from cracking JEE, you need to score good marks in your board exams as well, covering CBSE 12 syllabus, with more stress given in the maths, chemistry and class 12 physics syllabus, for getting fetching good rank. Clearing JEE & board exams can get you to one of the IITs. Incorporating the above mentioned 5 practices during your preparation for JEE will be of utmost help.