The web has definitely become the epicenter of today’s society in a number of ways. This is part of the reason engineers need to continue the fight to expand the Internet by increasing the number of addresses. The following are just some reasons this is important.

Expanding The World Wide Web: How To Do It and Why We Should

Preventing Blackouts

Most people are using IPv4 routers, which have a limit of 512K. This limit is no longer large enough to sustain the Internet, which makes sense because it was started back in the early 80s. The Internet is going to black out completely if the router limit is hit, which is going to affect millions of people around the world. No one wants this to happen, and it can be prevented by increasing the limit with IPv6 routers.

Security Improvements

The only way you can expand the web is by facilitating the jump to IPv6 routers where the number of web addresses can be increased. This helps prevent blackouts, and it helps increase cyber security. Hackers have begun to use IPv6 routers to penetrate IPv4 security, which is only meant to protect a site from other IPv4-based attacks. Businesses are in danger, and people’s identities are in danger so this matters. Remember, it doesn’t take someone with a masters in engineering management to make your security better.

Needs Met

Another reason this is important deals with the number of people using the Internet. It is becoming a normal part of this society, meaning that businesses and individuals are buying up space to try to meet the demands of the people using the Internet. You need to make sure you supply enough space to provide financial opportunities and growth, which is something that countries depend on for economic stability.

Job Growth

Expanding the Internet is going to take a lot of people power, which means job expansion. Creating a true drive towards expanding the Internet is going to help make the entire industry a lot bigger. Experts in IPv6 are going to be needed more than ever before. Doing your part to increase the number of sites by expanding the web is only going to help make the job force stronger, which is good for everyone.

Hopefully, some of these points make sense to you and help guide you in the right direction. It is going to feel good to help establish a more reliable Internet for people like you, and all you are doing is something you already love. Be sure to talk to network engineers, which will help you understand how important your role is for the future.