Now that the wedding day is set, it’s time to get to work. Along with planning the event, you need to start thinking about your smile. This will mean spending a little time with the dentist. Here are five secrets that will ensure your smile is dazzling by the time your wedding day arrives.

5 Secrets To Having Flawless Smile On Your Wedding Day

Have a Complete Checkup Now

It may be nine months to a year before the wedding day, but now is the time to start thinking about your teeth. According to Claremont Dental Institute, you need to have a complete examination and find out what flaws exist. This will provide you with ideas for a plan of action.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have a couple of teeth that cannot be salvaged or that are missing altogether, dental implants are the best solution. Those implants will look like the real thing, including the shade of white for the rest of your teeth. Once the implants are in place, you will have what looks to be a set of completely healthy teeth. That makes it all the easier to feel comfortable smiling in all those photographs.

Think About Caps and Veneers

Maybe you have all your teeth, but some of them are a chipped or the edges are not even. This can be corrected by adding caps to the teeth and then covering them with veneers. The dentist will go over the types of veneers that will maintain the right shade and blend in with the rest of the teeth. As a bonus, veneers can also be used to close any tiny gaps in between your teeth.

Undergo Whitening Treatments

At least a month before the wedding date, schedule a couple of appointments for whitening treatments. This will help ensure all the teeth are uniform in terms of color, and that they do not have any yellowish tinge. Remember that it will probably take more than one treatment to achieve the desired effect. You and the dentist can evaluate the results after each treatment and decide if any more are needed.

One Final Teeth Cleaning

The week before the wedding, have your teeth cleaned. This will remove any remaining residue and ensure the teeth look their best. Even with things like the rehearsal dinner coming up, the cleaning will ensure that your normal dental hygiene routine will be enough to keep the teeth looking great.

You want your big day to be something you remember for years, but for the right reasons. Don’t let dingy or uneven teeth mar your memories. Work with your dentist and rest assured your teeth will be at their best when you walk down the aisle.