The leaves of the kratoum tree allow the user a blissful experience when chewed. This medicinal herb is well known for the pain relief that it offers the user. An inmate of South-Asia, this kratom leaves can be chewed fresh or it can be dried, crushed and powdered for ingestion.

The leaf contains several compounds that are active in creating a pleasing effect and is an opiate substitute. This is safe for use when taken and also increases alertness in the user when the dosage is small.

Types of Kratoum Available

Kratoum is classified into white, red or green. The factor that differentiates between the different Kratoum strains is the vein color of the kratoum leaf that runs through the center of the leaf. The leaf vein may be red or green in color. This color will determine the type of Kratoum, and the color is also significant where the action it provides is concerned.

The Kratoum strain that you utilize should depend on the type of action that you intend it to be used for. Eith kratoum leaves will not provide the same effects and hence you should select the appropriate one to meet your requirement. The different vein colors are caused by the location from where the Kratoum leaves were obtained.

A Guide To The Red and White Vein Kratoum

Red Vein Kratoum

As the name suggests, red vein kratoum is obtained from the kratoum leaves that have a central vein color of the kratoum leaf as red. The red vein variety is widely available. This variety helps to calm down your body and also relieves painful conditions of the body. It promotes sleep and is ideal in patients suffering from insomnia. It acts as a muscle relaxant and improves alertness and optimism of the mind.

The red vein kratoum is a product that is useful to alleviate opium withdrawal symptoms in the user.The dosage that is employed is significant in determining the actual effect created in the individual who uses it and can vary based on the actual breed of the plant from which the kratoum has been collected.

White Vein Kratoum

The the vein color of the Kratom leaf is white in the white vein kratoum herbs. These leaves have a distinctly different effect on the body, when compared to that generated by the red vein kratoum. When the white vein kratoum is consumed, the user feels energetic and optimistic. Their mental ability is improved and they are more alert.

White vein kratoum is the ideal choice where the user is required to remain motivated and alert. It overcomes feelings of fatigue and helps the user to be energized when performing long and enduring tasks that require increased levels of concentration for longer durations of time.

The benefit of the white vein kratom is that it doesn’t create restlessness or over-stimulation in the user, unlike caffeine or other stimulants do. Hence, the user can stay motivated without becoming overwhelmed when using this class of herbs.

White and Red Vein kratoums can be mixed together to achieve the added benefits of both the medications and also balancing out their effects.