It is annoying to find MyWebFace Toolbar on the computer. Many users wonder whether this toolbar safe or not since it resides to their computers and is hard to get rid of it. This post is just created to offer details of this toolbar. Please read on.

What is MyWebFace Toolbar?

MyWebFace Toolbar enables users to access myWebFace, a cool tool to create their online cartoon face by choosing from a huge selection of facial features and characteristics, looks and styles, as well as accessories and fashions. Once you’ve achieved the cartoon look you want, use your myWebFace cartoon for your Facebook profile, on other social networks, or to represent you on your favorite messaging tool.

Why Is MyWebFace Toolbar Unsafe for PCs?

The MyWebFace Toolbar works with Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and above and Firefox 2 and above, and is currently available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1. It is an unwanted toolbar/adware application, which can access the corrupted PC packaged with other free software products, such as free programs that come from suspicious sources. Once inside, it will operate as a browser hijacker and forcibly reroute victims to tricky websites involving pushes the My Web Face software product, which promises to help web users convert their real images to cartoon images. However, MyWebFace Toolbar can also make attacked Internet users visit other websites that are not connected with their search queries.

Besides, the My Web Face application can monitor you on the Internet and collect non-personal information such as search terms, mostly visited websites, data entered when visiting them, etc. After collecting needed amount of data, this toolbar may show you altered search results and tricky alters that may trick you into clicking them and then may make you visit suspicious websites that have nothing in common with your search query.

As is seen, MyWebFace will mess up your computer and your web browsers and cause a lot of security issues. So it is also known as MyWebFace Malware or MyWebFace Virus. Once you see this risky toolbar in your computer, you should take immediate actions to remove it.