Medical tourism – the act of traveling internationally for medical and cosmetic procedures – has become more popular in recent years. Individuals have come to recognize certain cities or countries for offering a certain type of procedure, and plan large trips to meet doctors and plastic surgeons, then undergo a procedure such as a mini tummy tuck San Diego to help meet their ideal aesthetics.

According to Travelers Today reporter Joseph Peter Capaque, some even plan for recovery and relaxation time during their trip. According to Capaque, top countries for medical tourism are the United States, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, and South Korea. The magazine also found that those who travel for medical procedures tend to have one of these top cosmetic procedures: eyelid surgery, cosmetic injections, permanent hair removal, or rhinoplasty.

In his report, Capaque also detailed rising trends in international travelers’ procedures of choice. He found that rhinoplasty and double eyelid procedures have slowly risen in popularity, in addition to liposuction.

Is International Travel A Safe Option For Plastic Surgery?

While there are acclaimed medical professionals in each of these countries, it is important to know that different countries will have different medical ethics and expectations. Before planning a trip to undergo a medical procedure, it is important for possible patients to know what protocols are held by different countries. This will allow for a fuller understanding of what will happen during the medical procedure.

Once a patient determines that he or she would like a medical treatment outside of their country, it is important for patients to not find the most reasonably priced surgeon. Instead, research must be done prior to a trip so that the best and most certified plastic surgeon is used during the procedure.

One must do their best to find unbiased organizations which provide a website to review a plastic surgeon and their qualifications.

As an example, leading plastic surgeons in the United States can be found on sites such as Castle Connelly, American Board of Plastic Surgery or American Society of Plastic Surgery. These plastic surgeons have not simply graduated from medical studies and emphasized in a particular type of surgery – they are highly trained, and have become the masters of their surgical field.

Board certification is not an honor that can be purchased. It requires that a plastic surgeon spend years honing his or her craft. This is meant to provide patients with comfort and a sense of peace in regards to the choice made in a medical procedure.

Another aspect that should be considered is where the medical procedure will take place. In the United States, some board certified plastic surgeons have medical suites that have state of the art equipment and beautiful recovery suites for their patients. A leading plastic surgeon will also have hospital privileges to the top of the line hospitals in the area, allowing for further peace of mind.

Being safe throughout the entire medical process should be a top priority for both patient and plastic surgeon. This will allow for the recovery process to begin in the best manner.