Hey there! Before I start on the WordPress review, welcome to my part of the Web!

So WP is used by many from experienced bloggers to very new beginners…

Does WordPress work though?

The answer is Yes and No.

If you are a complete beginner and start a WP blog with no training, the odds are that you will struggle heaps. Why? Because everyone does it! I was at a business networking meeting last-night and the general theme was ‘oh I have this great idea and will blog about it on WP AND get rich!’

My WordPress Review

The truth is though that it doesn’t happen often that they succeed!

I have to be honest in this WordPress review. I have tried to build a website from scratch and get heaps of traffic to it before. It just doesn’t happen.

So I guess you are wondering why I am writing this and if I have had success at all online.

The answer is I do have a successful on-line blog and that I do actually use WP. The difference though is that the blog is connected to a very high authority site with Google.

So there are ways to make money with WP if you have some training in how to use it.

I personally use the Empower Network blogging platform and training.

Both of those things are as important as each other. Can you imagine trying to run any other type of business without and training? That is what a lot of people do including me!

WP is constantly improving its system and trying to make it easier for people to use their service.

I am not going to knock WP itself but I know something that is going to be better!

This WordPress review contains some exclusive information that not everyone knows about. I do use WP at the moment and it does work well because it is hooked to the Empower Network domain.

I do have a personal branding blog with WP as well.


What Empower Network (leading online blogging company) have decided to do is actually create their own blogging platform! They are already leaders in the field but want to make it even EASIER for you to get started building your on-line brand.

Basically they just want to really help people of any age, sex or on-line ability!

All good companies give great value for their products and I can’t talk about Empower Network enough. Don’t get me wrong, I wrote this WordPress review for a reason. WP can be really good for you but you need training to get traffic and followers!

It’s as simple as that!

If you want to get started with Empower Network and use WP with some training and gain followers like I am, it is only $25 a month to join.

I hope you enjoyed my WordPress Review and if you have any more questions, please leave a comment below!

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