Dyslexia also called reading disorder, reading disability and specific reading disability is a disorder, where children face difficulty in reading, writing and spelling words. Those suffering from this disorder generally have poor memory of spoken and written words. Their brain mixes up words and letters and jumbles it up making it difficult for them to read and speak fluently and also memorize things. Many people think that children suffering from dyslexia are below average in studies, whereas the truth might be that they are actually excellent learners but because of their problem may just find it difficult to comprehend and learn things easily like other normal children.

Various symptoms of dyslexia are problem in rhyming, starting to talking later than normal kid’s, problem in following instructions that have lot of steps, slow in learning new words, problems in linking sounds and letters, confusion with small words like to, if, is, it, at, reversing the shapes of letters, “b” for “d”, writing certain words, in particular three letters and two letters word, like “tap” for “pat” and “on” for “no” and problem in reading words in flash cards. Research and studies show that dyslexia often runs in the family. Though there is no specific cause for dyslexia, it may be considered as a genetic disorder. Though some tend to connect dyslexia with poor vision, but research has shown that there is no connection between the two in reality.

There are no specific treatments for dyslexia. Counseling and medicines are not generally used to treat children suffering from dyslexia. There are certain education tools or educational methods that are developed that are used to help children with dyslexia to improve their comprehension skills. This will help to enhance their ability to read and write. The most important step is to educate parents more about the disorder and about the condition. Dyslexia when diagnosed earlier can be easier to be handled. It is easy to improve the child’s reading ability when he is young. This will surely help the child in his or her initial schooling years.

Children suffering from this disorder find it difficult to read and it would be a difficult task to make them sit and read or study anything. But consistent effort will surely reap results. Children suffering from dyslexia require direct, explicit and systematic instruction in both written and oral language. According to the rules provided by federal laws, the public school personnel should create an Individualize Education Program keeping in mind the needs of such child. When a child with dyslexia joins the school the teachers may face a lot of problem handling such students. As parents it is your responsibility to communicate about the disorder to the school and also discuss practical steps to help the child study normally. An effective team should be formed comprising the school personnel, the teacher, special education teacher, school counselor, and the parent.

This is the first step in creating the IEP (Individual Education Program). This program is having details about appropriate teaching methods, specific disabilities, objectives and goals for the academic year. This program includes evaluation once in a year to make certain changes based on the progress of the child. Special education assistance is necessary for children suffering from Dyslexia. It will help in maintaining test results, child’s health history and school record, Federal and State special education laws and phone numbers of agencies that help in assisting such children.

If your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, there is no need to panic, there are many ways with which you can help your child overcome this problem and get him to read and write like normal children’s. Start teaching your child phonics and make your child understand the sound that is related to the letter. Make your child read aloud in your presence and work towards improving his pronunciation. This will help in developing reading fluency. The instruction given to such children should be systematic and repeatable. Based on the severity of the condition, you can take the help of teacher’s aide to help your child in school work. It is a lifelong condition, so you and your child need to put in a consistent effort and will need a lot of patience on your part.

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