All research proposals don’t get accepted and there are many that never receive the needed funding. In order to increase your odds you need to know how funders evaluate and assess bids. If you are looking to frame a research proposal to good effect you need to use persuasive writing style and ensure your solutions meet the requirements of the funder.

Preparation for Research Funding Bid

You have to devote adequate time in reading the guidelines before starting to write the proposal. These guidelines come with strategic plans and you have to ensure that your objectives and goals match their strategies. Primarily, you need to focus on research and planning to devise a winning research proposal. Once you are done with the research you should implement the steps stated below while penning the actual proposal down.

8 Ways To Write An Effective Research Proposal

Have your Goals Aligned

If you can successfully align your vision with the strategies of the funder and show those that the outcome of your research can help them realise their goals you can brighten the chance of getting accepted.

Select your Research Area Wisely

Don’t select a project where you have no previous track record. Instead, your research proposal should prefer the area where you can make the most of your expertise and skills.

Be Specific

Your research proposal shouldn’t appear vague and it shouldn’t also miss vital points. It should be clear and concise and in relevance with the topic of your research. Most funders dislike sidestepping hard facts like project deadline and cost. So, your proposal should clearly state the following;

  • use of funds
  • outcome of the project
  • goal specifications

Right Style of Writing

See how other successful proposals are written. You need to keep a close eye on the writing style used by previous writers to persuade the readers. You need to write in active voice and with a positive tone. Your research proposal should also be interesting enough to remain standout among hundreds of other proposals.

Have your Plan Well-defined

Your research proposal should depict your plan clearly. You need to demonstrate the following;

  • your research
  • your planning
  • your leadership skills
  • how and where you will address issues and risks


Once you are done with the submission of the research proposals you should keep in touch with the funding officials and have regular discussion regarding the evaluation, status and outcome of your research proposal.

Make and Keep Contact

Even before writing the research proposal you should contact the funder and other officials involved to discuss about the guidelines for applying in details. This will help you form better connection with the grant-making team.

Right Format

Majority of the research proposals are supposed to be written in a specific format while responding to bids. You also have to frame your proposal in the right format including all necessary attachments.

8 Ways To Write An Effective Research Proposal

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