The hammer is the best known and most useful hand tool. Titanium hammers have brought about a stir within the market of hammers that was for an extended period of time dominated by tools made from steel. Similar to all hammers, the correct titanium hammer needed for your type of task is decided by the heaviness of its head plus the handle with which it has been attached. The weight of the head is particularly crucial as the user is required to use the correct force to insert a nail without inflicting damage on the workpiece or to the elbow of the worker. The handle must be firmly attached to its head and the material used for it fabrication must be sufficiently flexible to endure shocks that result while breaking and crushing. Titanium hammers usually come with either fibre-glass or wooden handles. The wooden handles last for long time in case the hammer is correctly utilised, and the fibre-glass handles are accredited with the capability to withstand breaking, shrinking, and swelling.

Titanium hammers make work easy

Titanium hammers tend to endear themselves to a lot of users as they happen to be known to make possible rapid and trouble-free work. This capability is because of the reality that the titanium hammer is lightweight in comparison to the traditional kind of steel hammer. A lightweight hammer is capable of being raised and dropped over the face of a workpiece with great pace and in this way, the time it consumes to slot in a nail into the target is diminished significantly. Only a few hits are needed to complete the task and in so doing the titanium hammer light in weight will cause less fatigue to its user. The amount of stress that may be usually felt in the area of the elbows can be to a great extent minimised too and hammer manufacturers India know it very well.

More efficient

The comparison of the steel hammer and the titanium hammer as well brings forth several convincing points for the latter. Besides pace with which it is utilised and lightweight of the titanium hammer as mentioned above, these hammers have as well been accredited with transmitting a great amount of force onto its workpiece in comparison to the steel hammers. The nail is driven in with great force. By making use of the steel hammer extra force exerted to the nail is absorbed by the hammer recoil and released by way of energy.


Problems of weight crop up once again with striking tools exporters in India. But the experienced hammer user may agree that a lightweight hammer may ensure extra control more so as the workpiece happens to be awkwardly placed. It can be carried around with ease. While speaking about its features, the titanium hammers are to be manufactured with the similar details that are incorporated in the steel hammers. The hammers are provided with claws and holding slits that are used to take out nails that do not tuck in as thought.