If someone near you is a victim of substance abuse then there is no time to waste but find a suitable treatment center. The rehab centers are of two types, one is in-patient, and the other is out patient. The pros and cons associated with both are different and you must apply your personal permutations to select the one that suits your needs.

You will need to think about the requirements of the patient, rehab centre and even your. Do your research well and visit apex.rehab to get more information about in-patient and out-patient.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient - Select A Rehab Center As Per Your Requirements

Inpatient Centers

It has been found that nearly 23 million people, above the age of 12 years have needed help to get over substance abuse, according to a research report. The most common way that is used to get over such addictions is the inpatient rehab centers.

Such rehab centers have arrangements for accommodating the patients and makes them live there for 28 days and in some severe cases it may extend up to 90 days. The duration of stay will totally depend on the severity of addiction.

The initial time is invested over the detoxification and in the next step the patient has to go through the process of counseling and therapies.

Outpatient Centers

Outpatients need not stay at the rehab center. They are allowed to go home but return back regularly as scheduled for treatment. Generally, they need to visit their doctors / therapists almost regularly except for the Saturdays and Sundays. Else, their medication and counseling has to be continued on daily basis.

The only and the primary difference between inpatient and outpatient is that the former process is more rigorous and intense in comparison to outpatient. It is obvious because the patient is under supervision 24/7.

Best Rehab

While you think of a rehab center for yourself or for your loved one, consider some of the tips before leaping ahead –

  • Presence of family members who are addicted to drinking alcohol / take drugs a lot?
  • Do you witness your family members suffer because of the substance abuse?
  • Is there proper support system to help you prevent relapsing?
  • Can you be absent from work/ school/ home duties for longer?
  • If you love privacy then you may opt for inpatient treatment
  • Is there any other special need that you have for making yourself better?
  • Is commuting easy for you on daily basis, will you be able to visit therapists regularly?
  • Are you in need of special and segmented services?

Is inpatient or out-patient form of treatment better? This is very tough to describe. To know it thyself, it is essential to make a comparative analysis of priority and urgency for right selection. Some victims have responsibilities like taking care of elders or kids can opt for out-patient care. Alternatively, a severe case of addiction will need in-patient treatment. You may browse the internet and see for yourself as what will be best for you.