In today’s digital age, Social Media presents dentists more options to advertise and promote their dental practices. Many dentists are finding that maintaining a presence on Facebook is effective and profitable for their practice.


 According to, Facebook is the second most popular website on the entire Internet in the United States. It is imperative that dentists have a web presence here to market and promote their business. While you might think to yourself, “I’m a dentist, I don’t care about this Facebook thing” you are missing out on connecting with potential clients on the thriving network.

Set up Your Business Page

If you have not done so already, you will need to set up your dental practice business page at Facebook. If you do not know how to do this, do not be frustrated. Facebook offers lots of helpful guidance on how to do it. You might also consider speaking with a professional on dental consulting by AMP for help getting set up. You will need to provide some basic information about your dental practice such as your name, office location, telephone number, business hours and the services you offer. If you have a website, you will also be able to add this link to your business page, making it easier for people to visit your website for more information. The more helpful information you can provide on your business page, the better. Be sure to write an engaging and informative “About” page that tells the story of your practice. Include information about your staff members, including their education and experience in the dental field. If you offer specialized dental services, be sure to mention this too. Unique and specialized offerings are attractive to potential new clients, especially if they are something that is not available at your competitors dental practice.

Upload Some Photos

 After you have taken some time to set up your business page, you should upload some pictures. It has always been said that a picture is worth a million words. On Facebook this is an absolute truth. People love pictures. If you happen to have professional photos of your office, that is great! These pictures allow people to have peek inside your practice without walking through your doors. If you do not have professional photos, that is not a problem. Be sure to pick a great photo for your cover photo, since this picture always appears on top. Keep in mid that it can be changed as frequently as needed. Facebook allows users to easily upload pictures from their mobile phones, tablet computers or their digital camera. You can take pictures of your office exterior, your examination rooms or your staff members. While you might be inclined to post pictures of “before and after” patient photos, it is important that you have a signed consent form before posting their photos online.

Run an Ad or a Promotion

 Facebook offers a great advertising platform. It is easy to use and allows advertisers to run promotions and special offers to a highly targeted audience. Dentists can select the demographics of the people they want to see their ad by geographical area, interests, spending habits, age, family size and a lot more. A well designed Facebook ad is affordable and can bring in an astounding return on investment when done correctly. More and more dentists are finding that Facebook advertising is more effective than traditional ads like Yellow Pages and print ads. Facebook has the data and can deliver the new clients straight to the doors of your practice!