What do you think are the most valuable characteristics that teachers must have? Great teachers do come with the combination of various qualities which permit them to effectively do their job. There is no doubt that all teachers have their individual blend of these valuable qualities. Every teacher may be different from the other but practically, every good teacher has the following successive qualities:

  1. Adaptable. This refers to making alterations to activities or lessons in an instant due to an unpredictable problem or situation.  A good teacher must always consider every possibility of change.  Once some students do not decipher a certain topic, the whole class cannot proceed to the next lesson.  The teacher must come up with a solution as quickly as possible in order to find a better approach to make the students understand that certain topic.
  2. Accountable. A good teacher must hold himself/herself to similar standards and expectations as he or she holds his/her students. In general, a teacher can never hold double standards.  For instance, if you do not permit the students to have chewing gum on your class then you should not chew gum either.  If you do not allow any sort of courtship and delivery of any courting items like flowers from a delivery service such as parcel delivery to Italy then you must not do the same thing as well.
  3. Caring.  Caring means that you go extra miles just to make sure that all your students are okay and are not having a hard time in anyway.  A good teacher should know the interest and personalities of each and every student that he or she has in order to blend those components that link with every individual.
  4. Cooperative. A teacher should have the capacity to effectively work with other teachers, parents and administrators for the betterment of his/her students.
  5. Compassionate. The teacher should recognize when his/her students has problems in or out the school and makes the required adjustments to assist them in getting through of their issues.  He/she must take considerations not only inside the class but as well as with the outside factors.  For instance, if a student is feeling envious to the new play station of his classmate sent by his parents from abroad through a cheap international courier, the teacher must know how to lift up the spirit and make the student feel loved and pampered.
  6. Patient. Patience refers to the bearing of difficulty, annoyances and misfortune without losing the temper, depicting irritation and complaining nonchalantly.  A good teacher is patient with students, no matter how mischievous and how many slip-ups the students make.  Most importantly, a good teacher is patient enough to explain anything for many times just to ensure that students fully comprehend the subject matter being discussed.
  7. Respects students.  In a classroom of a good teacher, every opinion and idea of students is valued.  This way, students feel secured and unafraid to express their thoughts and feelings.  They as well learn to listen and respect the opinions of others. With this kind of the environment in a classroom, this ensures a welcoming and healthy learning place.

More than the mentioned characteristics above, there are still many other characteristics that a teacher must have. However, the most important thing that a good teacher must consider is to do his/her best in order to bring out the best out of his/her students!