Logical aptitude is newly introduced into the curriculum of many exams. The pattern of examinations is approaching a new category where bookish learning is getting overpowered by material learning. The segment of logical reasoning is introduced in the examination curriculum to test solving skills of a person related to common problems. The test is based on the perspective of candidates taking the test.

Importance of Logical Reasoning in Curriculum

Logical reasoning is a grave skill out of the examination curriculum for the candidates. There are many candidates who are good with knowledge-based questions but do not score much in common problem-solving skills. These are as important as any other section of learning.

The logical reasoning test is divided into several sectors that are practically nonverbal content. These are now introduced even in interviews. The answers offered always differ in views about the particular question so that people can answer from their perspective and the correct one is chosen out of the answers.

These logical reasoning skills are sometimes related to a particular set of skills to assess the perspective of the candidate in that given area. The differentiation is done keeping a type of interview or assessment in mind. The types include the following:

  1. Inductive reasoning – This is a type of reasoning totally based on conclusion related answers and skill sets to conclude out of a given problem. In this kind of problem, the questions offered are totally related to problems or material issues with which a solution be formulated.
  2. Mathematical reasoning – There are basic skills related to mathematics like formulating patterns out of the given equations or numbers and also assessing the different numbers in series. These are some general ability questions out of the books that can assess the on-spot solving skills of a person.
  3. Abstract Reasoning – Abstract reasoning includes the diagrammatic questions with particular shapes following a pattern, where the entire work is based on getting the right structure in place. This is the test to check mental abilities in case of pattern associated ideas and can check the simple perspective skills.

Diagrams and mathematical sets along with different conclusion associated skills make up the entire part of logical aptitude test. The whole curriculum is built to check outlook of candidates towards a simple problem and the faster assessment technique they have on them. All the tests are time-based because the assessment should be made within a stipulated time. Proper timing denotes the time management skills of the person. It can help them do better with time and take on each reasoning question in a matter of seconds.

The basic problem solving is necessary because it facilitates the idea of checking a particular problem and ways to assess skill set. Every type of reasoning skills is important for specific kind of jobs. It is best to assess all the perspectives of a candidate before hiring to understand their comfort zone and all the type and amount of problems they can handle.