To help increase the overall website conversion rate, here you will find a few useful tips. It is essential to begin with a brief introduction of what exactly this conversion rate is. This rate refers to the proportion of visitors who will actually buy from your website. Most website owners aim to increase the sales on their website in order to maximize their revenues. To help boost these sales it is important to analyze your website as you might be ignoring or neglecting some areas of your website or not attracting enough visitors. If that is the case, find below a list of seven valuable ways to help increase your overall website conversion rate.

7 Valuable Ways To Increase Overall Website Conversion Rate

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  • Have a USP (Unique Selling Point)

A Unique Selling Point is something exclusive about your website business that clearly distinguishes it from other competitors in the online market. You must, always keep in mind that the market is full of competitors trying hard to maximize their sales; therefore, you need to make sure that your website has something that your competitors lack in order to become the market leader. All businesses have a unique selling point and your business should be no exception, therefore, find out your unique selling point and market it to your benefit.

  • Is your Website Appealing Enough?

There are a myriad of websites that sell similar products on the internet, so what should you do in order to beat them all and grab the biggest market share? Well, for starters you need to make sure that your website is tempting enough. It is not about how many customers visit your site, the catch is how many actually remember your website and visit it again. Therefore, work on your website and make it look as appealing as possible. It should leave a mark on every customer so they are sure to visit back. To do this, the layout should be consumer friendly and all the information should be easily and readily available on the page. A simple and easy website that is very informative is likely to appeal customers the most. Without this updating site regularly is also an important factor. So better solution is maintaining your website in regular basis and keep it updated always

  • Value your Customers’ Choices

If your customer adds a product to their basket, your website must suggest them similar or complimentary products. This will help increase sales. Also, even if they have only viewed a product, your site should still suggest similar products as chances are they might be looking for something related and end up making a purchase on your website.

  • Are your Customers Free to Pay with whatever Method they Like?

Don’t limit your customers’ freedom. There should be more than one mode of payment available as every customer may not have access to a specified single method of payment and therefore, you may lose customers if you choose to remain rigid in this regard.

  • Keep the Customer Informed

Whenever a customer orders a product from your website, it is important that you keep them informed at every step until they have received the product. For example, notify when their order has been received or when you have dispatched the product, provide confirmation on delivery etc. This shows your customers that you genuinely care for their needs and are making an effort to ease their shopping experience.

  • Don’t Inquire too much and don’t Waste Time

Yes, customers tend to get annoyed if you ask them for a lot of details before the order is processed etc. For example, if the customer wishes to place an order, your ordering form should not contain any extra questions that would waste your customer’s time. This might annoy the customer and they may end up looking for an alternate website where they aren’t required to fill out such a detailed form. Hence, try to save their time as well as yours and avoid unnecessary investigation.

  • State things Clearly

It is important that you state things clearly to avoid any annoyance and botheration on part of the customer. For example, if your customer wishes to purchase a product which is out of stock, you must clearly indicate this. Else, your customer will add it to their basket and later find out that the product is currently out of stock. This will cause annoyance and deter your customer from returning to the website again.


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