Beer is something that has been enjoyed for centuries by men and women all across the world. In fact, it has been around for hundreds of centuries. Not only is it enjoyed all over the world it is also manufactured all around the world as well.

There are literally hundreds of brands and dozens of styles that you can enjoy, but some of these names stand out more than the rest. These iconic beer brands need no introduction and can be easily recognized from a logo or their name alone.

Beer Tasting

Best Brands of International Zones

There are many imported beers found enjoyable in America. One of those beers is Heineken. It is easily recognizable with its green bottle or cool can. Made in Holland, over 26 million barrels of Heineken are produced each and every year. The light lager tastes great, is refreshing and a brand that needs no introduction. You see the bottle you know it is a Heineken.

Corona is another brand of iconic standards. This one is manufactured in Mexico, with more than 30 million barrels of the beer produced annually. A darker lager, Corona is a dry beer.

Guinness is an Irish beer that is also popular and drank all across the world. It is a dry stout that originated in 1725 in Dublin, Ireland. It is brewed in almost 50 countries with availability in more than 100. It is ranked as the #2 selling beer in the world on many lists.

USA Made Iconic Names

Made in the good ole’ US of A, Budweiser is popular for those in the states as well as in international lands as well. Bud has several side beers, including Bud Light, Bud Light Platinum, Bud Ice and others. While each has its own unique taste there is no denying the taste of a Budweiser branded beer. Of course Budweiser has won many different awards, and it has been around since 1876.

Blue Moon Brewing Company helps you believe in blue moons and dreams come true. When you see the blue moon you know you’ve found the beer. This brand is popular all around the world using an artistic approach to brewing that leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth.

Miller Lite is another top brand that you know when you see it. Manufactured in Chicago, IL, Miller Lite has been around since 1967 although it was 1973 before it was first introduced to the public. The brand is award winning and has a light and refreshing taste enjoyed by so many.

Living the Night Away

There are a ton of other iconic brands of beer out there that you will easily recognize by both the look of the bottle and the taste of the beer. These are among the best that are around. Make sure that you enjoy your special evenings with one of these delicious choices if you want to celebrate with a cool and refreshing beer. They’re favored around the world for a reason and will not let you down!

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