If businesses are growing the desire and the ability of using video for education and communicating throughout the enterprise, it’s time to manage and store these assets to assure they are secured and measurable. Whenever a business adds different functionalities like accessibility, usability and interactivity, and ways to track and report its usage potential, there will automatically arise need for a new form of video solution, much advanced in capabilities. These solutions can help all organizations use the content, more so by the senior executives,  regularly. Well, if you think that is a job of the media and entertainment sector, you are deeply mistaken. Facts reveal there are more enterprise videos today than there are Hollywood videos.

Giving New Dimension to Enterprise Communication with Video

The main challenge for business sector today is to perform more with less. As an enterprise you are expected to communicate more efficiently and effectively, using as little resources as possible. Shorter business cycles, fastening competitions, huge pressure on margins and price, customer churns and employee attrition are regular threats companies face. All CXOs are in constant look out for better technologies and methods to communicate better and create impact with their shareholders, suppliers, customers, and most importantly their employees. On these terms, video seems the tool that can communicate, educate, engage, and sell. Companies understand they need to be agile in using video to engage and communicate with their audiences both in case of on-demand or real-time situations.

Senior Executives and the use of Enterprise Video

The enterprise video goes very well with the hectic work schedules and trying work structures of the senior executives. Audio-video mode of communication actually drains much less energy than in case of text matter. Moreover, both preparing and reading written text is a laborious and often boring process.

  • The key drivers of enterprise video solutions for any business are to communicate the content easily and quickly. Senior executives usually do not have the time to sit through for long hours of meetings and discussions. Using an agile enterprise video platform, businesses can create and then distribute live, projections and VOD easily. The executives can have exclusive content being designed for their special trainings and presentations to place forth their points and easily convince their clients and exclusive customers.
  • Executives do not need to understand complex IT Techniques to conduct video events after scheduling it. Moreover, they can keep a track of the performance level of the video by viewing usage reports that show who all watched it and for how long. They can repurpose these videos and deliver across multiple platforms just by making minor changes, then track and monitor the viewing rates.
  • There are usually huge whitepapers or company brochures and case studies that the senior executives need to read to identify their client’s aptitude. This is a long and tedious process. It often takes weeks for the entire hierarchy to finish scrutinizing documents and proceed with the proposal. Of course, qualified videos are only those that can create high quality content that conveys the company message clearly and much faster.

Even when there is strong interest evolving for enterprise video solutions, this is a relatively new market. Many enterprises are trying either home grown solutions or mix together different point solutions that are already there in the market. This kind of customized reach creates drainage in IT resources because of different issues like:

  • It usually requires more time and money to develop and then integrate these solutions
  • There is a need to upgrade these solutions time and again
  • There will be gaps of portability and communication matters related to best practices and industry standards
  • Business users usually don’t work on autonomous functions, but, are forced to rely on IT resources

By the integration and streamlining of different point solutions into a smooth video value chain, it becomes the prime requirement that the company performs better with the implementation of enterprise video solutions. The use of enterprise video solutions not just helps to streamline the preparation methods, they help also with proper B2B styles and templates which they can easily use to create the content they wish to present.