After such a beautiful summer, it’s frustrating having to spend the colder months inside. Lighten up your interior design and preserve that warm-weather feel using pieces from an outdoor furniture store inside your home. Exterior living spaces are luxury areas and outdoor furniture designs have evolved into plush, stylish, durable and beautifully functional pieces. Adding them to your interior rooms removes the heaviness of winter even when it’s storming outside.

How To Use Your Outdoor Furniture For The Indoors

Dining Room

Outdoor dining room furniture comes in materials, colors and fabrics not always available for indoor furniture. Teak, wicker and wrought iron chairs and tables make a stunning addition to an indoor dining room. If you were longingly admiring that wrought iron table and chairs at the outdoor furniture store but didn’t have a good exterior place for it, now is the time to bring it inside to dress up your space. Outdoor dining sets break away from the traditional styles seen in homes and offer more flexibility. Imagine enjoying a comfortable swivel chair at the head of the table instead of a stiff throne. Laying a glass piece on top of any style outdoor table adapts it easily for indoor dining. You won’t want to cover your table with tablecloths that hide its intricate and unique beauty.

Living Room

You’ve enjoyed relaxing in your outdoor chairs and couches as you admired the exterior fireplace on your patio and now it’s times to bring that pleasure inside. Deep-cushions, a variety of durable, stain resistant fabrics and several size options allow living room pieces from an outdoor furniture store to blend seamlessly in your space. There are exterior end tables, coffee tables and ottomans to perfectly complement your larger pieces. Chances are good that unless you point it out, no one can guess that you have furnished your living room with outdoor furniture.


A sunroom is a logical place for furnishings from an outdoor furniture store. Exterior furnishings are designed with materials that resist the sun fade. The fine fabrics you choose for your pieces never lose their vibrancy and can withstand humidity and high temperatures. Depending on the size of your sunroom, you can include dining room or living room pieces or both. The variety of sizes in outdoor furniture give you the flexibility to create smaller seating areas or large, lounging spaces to enjoy the warm sunlight that floods in even on the coolest day. You can even bring a touch of outdoor lighting into your sunroom such as flameless outdoor candles and lanterns that lend a soft glow against the backdrop of a night-darkened window views.

Bar Stools and Tables

If you have an indoor bar area and are looking for a way to change it up, stools from an outdoor furniture store are a great choice. Exterior bar stools also work well as seating at a kitchen island. Don’t have an island? Create a cozy eat-in breakfast area with a raised bar table and stools that tucks nicely into smaller spaces. Add an entire bar and stool set to your finished basement or game room and increase the entertainment value along with the seating.

Furnishings and accessories from an outdoor furniture store provide options and designs that freshen up your interior. Their unique structure, materials, fabrics and colors open up an entirely new palette for interior design. Familiarizing yourself with the pieces and rearranging them inside during the cooler months gives you ideas for your exterior spaces as well so you’re all ready to head outside when warm weather returns. Though originally designed for decks and patios, pieces from an outdoor furniture store have limitless interior possibilities.

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