If you’re a fan of “Twin Peaks,” you know how Dale Cooper loves coffee. However, he doesn’t just love coffee. He loves coffee that is well-prepared and delicious. Substandard coffee is common, but it shouldn’t be a reality. With the right brew, you can make your coffee experiences all the better.

How To Turn Your Cup Of Joe Into The Best Darn Coffee You’ve Ever Had

Take Your Time

What you get out of coffee is equal to what you put into it. If you are careless and inattentive, you’re not likely to make a very good cup. Make sure that you follow all the steps. You want the coffee grounds and water to be measured properly. You might have to get up earlier in the morning to make better coffee, but it will be worth it.

Get Good Equipment

Wondering why your homebrew doesn’t taste gourmet? It might have something to do with the dilapidated coffee maker you’ve been using for a decade-plus. Your equipment is just as essential as your beans when it comes to great coffee. Take a look at your current gear and determine whether you’re in need of an upgrade. Don’t let the price scare you off, as this is an incredibly valuable investment. A French press is another thing to consider buying.

Get Quality Beans or K-Cups

Coffee starts with beans. If your beans aren’t up to par, your coffee won’t be either. Look for beans or coffee grounds that are highly recommended. It can be a fun project to find beans that you fancy. Look online for ones with the strongest endorsements. You can also get sample packs to determine which kind you like the most. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to coffee beans. It’s just a matter of what tastes best to you.

If you don’t have the time to brew your own beans, try K-Cups. There are many different types of pods, like those from 11th Street Coffee, to consider. They are definitely a quicker option that you can take without having to sacrifice too much of the flavor.

Experiment with Additives

Some people only drink their coffee black (with no cream or sugar), while others want it as sweet as possible. If you like putting things in your coffee, you should try new ways. Look for gourmet sweeteners and high-quality sugars. Different flavors can make for quite an experience when it comes to your coffee. You might have a whole new view of coffee after you make these changes.

Coffee is more about having something to give you a caffeine boost in the morning. It’s a warm and delicious beverage which can be made so many ways. If you’re tired of standard coffee, this is a time for excitement.