Lungs are one of the most important organs of the body. It actively takes part in a person’s respiratory system. We intake oxygen through our nose and then transport it to the lungs through the respiratory tract. The lungs then transport this oxygen to the rest of the body cells. Insufficient oxygen in cells can cause many health problems like chronic heart disease, breathing problems, respiratory disorder etc. People generally do not give much attention to the lungs but it needs daily care in order to maintain healthy lungs. There are some simple yet important things that can improve and maintain the healthy lungs and keep you away from all the diseases.

Taking Deep Breaths

Deep breathing helps you to take a greater amount of oxygen within your lungs and using it to its full capacity. In this process, you need to inhale slowly and then try to expand the ribs which will lift up the upper part of the chest. Then exhale the complete air and contract the ribs. During inhaling the diaphragm will get lowered and during exhaling the diaphragm will be again in the lift up position. Doing this every day will help you to maintain the lungs and will keep them working.

Stop Smoking: In order to maintain the proper health of the lungs, you must stop smoking. If you do not smoke then it is perfectly fine but if you are a smoker you need to stop right away. The side effects of smoking are never-ending. It harms our full health conditions. It causes problems in breathing, infection in various parts of the respiratory tract and also chronic diseases such as lung cancer. Lung Cancer Treatment in India has now reached a new level of modernity with the advancements of medical equipment and procedures.

 Stay Active

 Doing exercise regularly is good for health and there is no doubt about it. Exercise provides wellness to the whole body including lungs. Exercising every day improves the circulation of oxygen in the body cells and also strengthens the muscles. Yoga and pranayama are the two key things that keep the lungs really healthy. Pranayama includes uniform inhale and exhale of the air which kind of controls every function in the body and make it better.

 Eat Properly

 Proper eating is very important to maintain a good health. Our food habit leaves a huge impact on our every body part. Proper eating means the food should contain all the important nutrients you need for your daily activity like minerals, vitamins and other electrolytes like sodium, potassium etc. Taking proper food daily keeps you away from various health and respiratory diseases and keeps your lungs healthy.

Inhale Pure Air

 We live in a highly polluted area and in this situation getting pure air is really difficult. You can plant some real trees at your home. This will provide you pure oxygen and certainly increase the quality of the air at your place. You will be getting pure and fresh air when you are home. Also adding greenery to your place can keep you healthy in many ways.