As a mom, you’re naturally a multi-tasker. Between holding the fort at home, working a full-time job and saving your children from themselves, it can seem like there’s no time to breathe. As a result, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by life’s challenges and the forever-changing pace. While it might be tempting to slip into a mode where you’re constantly coping with life’s major events, consider these four tips to help you survive and thrive.

How To Survive Major Life Events As A Busy Mom

Schedule Personal Time

Even if it’s just ten minutes a day, you can schedule a time to take a breather and a break. During those ten minutes, enjoy a piece of chocolate and a candle. In addition to ten-minute increments, make sure to take time out each day to do something you enjoy. A bubble bath, a new recipe or a walk through the local bookstore for 30 minutes are a few of the great ways to relax and get some personal time. This will help you maintain your sanity.

Hire Assistance

One of the best ways to manage all of the moving parts of a major life event is to hire others to help you. Perhaps it’s time for one of your children to graduate from elementary school. Instead of slaving away over a kitchen stove, hire a caterer to prepare the food for the dinner. When it’s time to move to another state for your husband’s job, find out if the company can cover the expenses of hiring a moving company. When you’re moving into a new house with little children, it can involve a lot of stress. Decrease the chances of mayhem by hiring professional movers like

Use a Planner

When you have a lot on your plate, it can be easy to lose track of everything on your to-do list. Use the Google calendar, planner or a digital scheduling app to keep everything streamlined. It’ll help you stay on track of everyone’s calendars and all your scheduled plans.

Maintain Overall Health

As a busy mom, it’s so important to put yourself on the schedule. You don’t want to lose yourself as you care for your family. Prioritize exercise and therapy. When you’re happy and fulfilled, you’ll be a better woman to your family. Remember that it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Self-care is vital.

As long as you utilize these four tips to your advantage, you’ll be able to do more than keep your head above water. You’ll also be able to thrive and be present for every moment of life’s transitions and major events.