The very reason the term metabolism booster is most often used in the fitness world and even by common people is due to its relation to the fat burning factor. When the metabolic rate increases, more fat is burnt in the body. So, people desirous of shedding the flab often look for means to boost their body metabolism, which is why they search for effective metabolism boosters.

What is Metabolism?

To simply put, metabolism is the overall physical process and chemical reaction that keeps a human alive. This is a very significant life-sustaining factor that consumes a lot of energy. The rate of consumption is affected by several factors like gender, age, diet, muscle-fat-ratio, and more.

Top 5 Ways To Boost Metabolism Naturally

Tops 5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

1. Green Tea:

Green tea is an excellent metabolism booster, as it has a specific antioxidant known as catechins. It can help the body to burn around 5% more calories than normal.  This helps in reducing the waistline and overall body weight. It also has certain cancer-fighting agents, which can benefit people of all ages. The other important ingredient in the green tea is theanine, which has an effect on the brain cells to create increased alertness and mental focus during workouts, which in turn helps to increase the body’s metabolism. Since green tea also contains caffeine, which is a good booster of metabolism, it is ideal to pick green tea that has been decaffeinated to acquire the full benefits of the antioxidants – catechins. It is also necessary to check the amount of catechins present in various green teas, as the percentage varies between brands.

2. Caffeine:

Little amounts of caffeine have been proven to work as a great metabolism booster and a wonderful stimulator of the CNS or Central Nervous System, which keeps individuals stay focused and alert during workouts. It also boosts the overall energy levels throughout the day. Since caffeine travels through the body, it can boost the body’s metabolism by 10% approximately. In women, the rate of caffeine metabolism is 25% faster than men. In general, the rate of metabolism is found to be the maximum for the first 3 hours after caffeine consumption. Though there is a boost in the body’s metabolism, the best effect is achieved with green coffee bean extract that is commonly found in supplements. Also, despite the fact that coffee is a metabolic booster, it has to be taken in the right quantity and green coffee bean is the most effective compound.

3. Food Rich in Protein:

After every meal, the natural body metabolism is boosted for digestion purposes, which is known as thermic effect. Also, human body requires extra energy for the digestion process itself, as the nutrients in the food has to be absorbed and transported to all parts. Eating protein rich food requires increased metabolic rate to absorb the protein and thus such food happen to act as great metabolism boosters. Consuming protein-rich food demands more energy from the body to digest them, which in turn boosts the overall body metabolism. Though the additional energy required to digest protein is not really high, consuming protein rich food makes a huge difference in the longer run. Some of the food sources that contain good amount of protein are legumes, meat, dairy, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, etc.

4. Exercise and Sleep:

Workout is the best form to boost body’s metabolism. However, when an individual exercises more, the body demands additional nutritious foods that strengthen muscles and provide adequate energy. Resistance exercises produce a long-term increase in body’s metabolism while cardiovascular exercises give a short-term metabolic boost to the body. Sleeping well is equally important, as reduced sleep slows down the body’s metabolism and boosts the appetite, which can contribute to weight gain. Sleep deprivation creates a huge impact in various body functions and metabolism is one of the badly hit aspects. Both deprivation of sleep as well as too much of sleep would bring down the body’s metabolism. Hence, it is essential to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours to keep the metabolism at the right pace.

5. Supplements:

This is the most popular form of metabolism booster that people in the fitness world opt for. Good supplements contain unique natural ingredients that contribute towards boosting the body’s metabolism, apart from providing muscle strength, increasing endurance and focus, as well as offering plenty of other benefits. Supplements work in various ways to increase the body’s metabolism. Some influence the protein breakdown; some influence the fat breakdown, while a few others influence the brain cells to boost focus and performance levels of the body. Though each metabolism booster supplement could take a different approach, the best supplements always provide optimum results in enhancing the body’s, thus contributing towards various health and weight loss benefits.

In essence, the various forms of metabolism boosters contribute to the overall health, fat loss, weight loss, and increased energy levels of an individual.
This post written by  James Hundson, an expert Fitness Trainer. He  research & write reviews on health, fitness, muscle building, exercise, weight loss supplements, massage, yoga, diet, alternative medicine, sports, etc.