“How to select the right school for the children” is the common question that every parent consider during selecting schools for their children. So today, in this article we have the solution for all those questions that every parent have during selecting schools for their children.

Keep in mind these four best steps while selecting schools for your children.

Step 1: Always consider Your Child  

Always consider your child during school selection. Think that what a school can do for your child and what your child needs from a school. Maybe your child needs some special language and education skills from a school. You can also consider the following things too when selecting the best school in Jaipur.


Your children’s Needs

What types of environment your children need

What types of challenging work your children like to do

Do they need Extra help to do the assignment

What kind of special learning skills they have

Do they have any language issues


Location of the school

The distance of school from your home

Do your children need a bus to go to school

How far you can drive to drop your child to school

Do you want your children’s school near any relative

Do you want your children’s school near your workplace


Step 2: gather all the information you need about school

When you are searching for schools for your children then do it like when you buy something expensive and you ask your friends and family or on the internet for that products feedback. You can check information about school on the internet and check public school report cards. The more you will work for searching schools the more it will bring the best results in your child. You can also check the following educational services in a school which your children may need:



Check whether the school has all the necessary subjects like English, History, Mathematics, Science, Arts etc

Check that whether the school offers other courses along with prime subjects

Observe the other students and see what they are learning in that school

Check that school has extra curriculum activities like sports, dance music, and acting

Check that school has extra special classes for English in case of need


Approach to learning

Check that the school has a special learning approach like group projects and individual performances.

Think about whether your child will like this learning approach

Check that the school provide this approach in languages that your child can easily understand

Check the homework policies

Check whether the school provides extra help to your children when they need it.


Safety Facilities

Check how the school is safe for your children

How school face problems like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

How the school deal with violence, harassment and such kind of abusive behavior

How the school deal with serious crimes in school

How does the school update parents about their children’s bad behavior


Facilities and Services

Check that the school has a well-stocked library

Does the school has classrooms with latest technologies

Does school has a separate hall or auditorium for outdoor activities

Does the school has a medical pharmacy

Does the school has a canteen


Step 3: Self visit and observe the school

A self-visit is one of the best ways to observe schools that you are interested in so, fix an appointment with the principle of the school and ask them how they are different from other schools. Visit some running classes and observe how the teachers are dedicated to their work. You can follow these ways too to observe any school by visiting yourself:



What principle see about the right education

What principle do when he get complains about any teacher

What is the principle’s way to talk with parents

How does he deal with unusual activities in school

What kind of relation the principle have with students



How teachers motivate students to get success

Does teacher inform parents about their child if they do something wrong

What is the talking manners of the teachers

How much a teacher dedicated to his/her work

Do they give extra efforts to a student in case of need



Observe students how much they are learning from the school

What are their opinion about principle and teachers

What is their opinion about the schools

What is their opinion about homework

What they think about the school’s safety facilities


Step 4: Apply the above three steps on the school that you choose

Apply the above three steps in school that you think will be best for your children. Apply these steps on more than one school if possible, maybe your children are not happy with your first choice.


So these were the four best steps that will help you to select the right school for your children. If you have any queries regarding this article then do comment in the comment section, Hope you like this article!