Hot weather can be seen as a blessing or a curse – it depends how you look at it. While those who don’t have to spend their days cooped up in an office can be out enjoying the heat, those in 9 to 5 jobs have to endure hours upon hours in a muggy office that can feel like you’re sat under a heat lamp for the duration of your working day.

That being said, the summer months are also an ideal time to analyse your energy consumption as a business and see where you can make some savings. As a small business, chances are your overheads are quite small but being a small business, it can also mean that your profits are affected by what you spend on bills. Whether you are the managing director of a small firm, or even a self-employed individual who works out of a home office, there are ways in which you can help to cut back on your spends and a great place to start is by looking at what energy you’re using.

How To Save Electricity As A Small Business This Summer

The summer months offer up a perfect opportunity to delve into your consumption and whether you are metered or not, you should be able to tell from your bills whether you’re using too much power. Take electricity, for instance – such a valuable commodity that is overused daily, particularly in the work environment. It’s amazing how much can be saved on your energy bills if you paid more attention to how much power is essentially wasted unnecessarily. Whether you work for yourself or you have a small team of staff, take a look at these great ways in which to limit your electricity usage during the summer months, and beyond. Sick and tired of faulty wiring? Visit for electrical assistance.

  • Don’t automatically reach for the air-con as soon as it gets a little stuffy. While most office premises have them, they are a huge drain on your electricity consumption, so avoid them as much as you can. Instead, open some windows!
  • Keep lights off unless you need them, particularly when there’s plenty of natural light to go around. With lighter days for longer, there’s no need to pop the lights on at 3pm. Keep them off.
  • Don’t overfill the kettle if you’re on tea-making duties – just use the water you need, to avoid using energy to boil it when it’s not required.
  • Switch off electrical equipment when not in use. Use timers if you feel your staff (or you) may forget to turn off appliances before you leave for the night.

Written on behalf of British Gas, a major provider of gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. Are you looking for a new business electricity supplier? With plenty of packages available to suit every requirement, check out their website. If you need more assistance, the British Gas help and advice  pages should hold the answer.