WORK- LIFE BALANCE is the latest trend among young adults today. This includes a prioritization of career, not giving up your “lifestyle” (health, family and spiritual development).  They say, “Health is Wealth”. This means you are physically fit, you are able to run, walk, do biking in a long distance, you can run the stairs at a fast rate, you can lift weights, and you feel good or confident in your body composition.

7 Tips On Diet And Workouts For All

Step 1: Have Determination and Believe that you can Achieve your Goal.

Challenge yourself ! If you are determined to lose weight, to shape your body and muscles, then set your goal, how many pounds to lose, go for your physical and psychological transformation. Feel good about yourself, build a new image in terms mind and body.  If you want to be successful, then START NOW! Mind setting that you can do it, determination and will power are very important.  Set a timeline! Decide what day you are going to do your workouts. It takes only 45 minutes  workout and three (3x) a week to be in shape and feel the change.

Step 2: Enroll in a Fitness Club and Hire a Trainer or a Coach.

A Fitness club and a trainer will help you do a physical fitness assessment that will help you determine and get a baseline of your body. This will establish what kind of exercise program you need. Physical fitness assessment will help you do some techniques to distribute your body weight and alignment. You need to determine your breathing pattern using your diaphragm which is very important during sleep, flexibility and strength for endurance during the workouts.

Step 3: Plan your Diet

Home cooked food which is healthy is very ideal, whether it’s you who is preparing the food, your family or your household helper, it is very important that they are cooked with less oil, low salt, less sugar and fresh vegetables and fruits. IF you don’t have time to cook, think about buying Shakeology, a highly touted meal replacement shake.

  • Take in more proteins which will help you in using up calories.
  • Take in 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
  • Breakfast is very vital to weight control because you are very active during the    day and avoid white foods.
  • Eat five small meals a day

Step 4: Start with an Exercise you Like most.

If you like walking, then do it. If you prefer biking,  then start the journey. By doing this, you will enjoy and it will properly motivate you, most especially, you are with your friends and family. Walking and biking is a good cardiovascular workout because it strengthens the heart and lungs.

Step 5: Do Weight Training Exercise

Weight exercise will help you develop the strength and the size of your muscles.

Step 6: Have a Complete and Restful Sleep

Sleep gives the body relaxation, and lets your body absorb all the nutrients you gained. The most ideal length of time for sleeping is 8 hours a day.

Step 7: Seek help from a Physician before starting on Any Fitness or Diet Program