If you are struggling to retain great employees for your business, you’re in the right place! Keeping your best employees in the business is far more efficient and profitable than constantly having to hire new people, so now is the perfect time to reassess how you are performing as an employer to make sure that you are offering employees what they are looking for. The internal perception of your brand is just as important as the public perception of your brand, which is often overlooked. From building your brand to the benefits you offer and promoting from within, it has never been more important to put your employees first as a business. 

Offer The Support and Engagement They Need

The first thing that you need to be doing is offering every employee the support and engagement they need. Checking in with each employee regularly, making sure their workload is manageable, assisting with any issues and showing that you trust and support them is essential. How often this is will depend on the nature of your business, but as standard, this should be around once a week and a more in-depth review around once every couple of months. Even if you briefly check in and make it known that someone is there for them, this can make all the difference in retaining them as employees. 

Know Who You Are As A Business

Next up, it is vital you know who you are as a business. Employees deserve to fully understand the core values of a company and know that there is a strong company culture. An emotional connection between an employee and the brand is essential in inspiring people to work hard, so prioritising your branding is vital. 

To do this, you should offer a clear message about the business, what you stand for and what differentiates you within the market. Working with a branding agency Manchester or London based will help with this, as they will be able to help you create clear brand guidelines to share company wide. Not only will this help you to retain great employees and help them engage with the business, but it will also be appealing for new employees. 

Provide Real Benefits That Show You Care

Next up, it is important that you provide real benefits that show you care. Don’t simply go with the bare minimum as a business, but go out of your way to provide things that will really benefit your employees. Things like flexible working to fit their schedule, early Friday finishes, paying for their gym membership to encourage healthy lifestyles, a wellness station with healthy snacks and achievable bonus schemes. Doing these things because you want to, rather than feeling like you have to, indicates that you are a considerate employer that cares about the wellbeing of employees. 

Promote From Within and Show Clear Progression Paths

Finally, it is important that you promote from within and show clear progression paths for your employees. If employees are working hard and constantly see more senior positions being filled by external applicants, they are unlikely to see their future with the company. Provide the right training and promote from within, to clearly show employees what their future looks like and where they are heading. 

Along with this, regular pay and performance reviews are vital. If your employees are working hard, you do well, so rewarding them should be a natural instinct. 

Final Thoughts

Having great employees can make your life so much easier, so making them a priority is absolutely essential. Now is the perfect time for you to make a positive change in your business and to show your employees that you really care.