A pet is an integral part of a pet owner’s life. He/she is a member of their family that they share their life and moments with. So, when a pet owner lose a pet, they go through a massive loss and distressing time in their life. It can be extremely hard for you to even talk about the death of your pet with a family member, friend, children or anyone. This is to be expected from a pet owner or parent as you are grieving your pet.

You may not be in the right state of mind to memorialize your pet. But whenever the time comes, there are different types of things to consider when making the final arrangement to deal with your own grief as well as of others.

Let’s take a look at different ways to memorialize your pet:


One of the most popular way to store the remains of your pet, if you are going for the cremation, is an urn. They come in various sizes that depends on your animal. Available in different styles and materials such as bronze, brass, silver, ceramic wood etc, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can even select from various designs to make your urn more personalised. You can even get a customized one according to your preference.

2.Photo Urns

An art can be a really beautiful way to memorialize and display your pet. You can get the photo of your pet framed in a black, cherry or natural colored frames. It will be a sweet gesture that would keep the memory of your pet alive and in front of your eyes all the time. Moreover, viewing the photos of your deceased pet can help you in your grieving process. There are many services that also offer custom lettering, covers with a number of material options.

3.Memory Wall

Another one of the most heartfelt way of memorializing your pet is through memory walls. You can commemorate your passed away pet through this beautiful memory wall. Here, a personalized plaque of your pet is permanently affixed to the wall that is maintained overtime to keep it in a pristine condition. A perfect resting place for your pet, you would feel peace and tranquility while sitting there and remembering your pet.

Coping with the Loss

There are various stages of grief that everyone goes through such as guilt, denial, depression, anger, acceptance and much more in different ways. While some people choose to grieve by reaching out to their friends and family, others cope with it alone. By choosing a way to memorialize your cat, dog or any other pet can bring you comfort when dealing with the loss. But of course not everyone is ready to discuss these options until a bit of time has passed, which is absolutely fine. Apart from selecting a memorial option, you can always talk to your family, friends, check for support groups for pets in your area or reach out for support from others.

Help Others Cope

Just like you, your children can also form deep bonds with the pet and their way of coping with the loss may vary from adults to a great degree. So, explain them in a way they can understand. Let them know it is okay to express their feeling so that they can deal with the loss. You can also take your kid with you and ask his/her choices when it comes to memorializing the pet.

GIve yourself time to grieve the loss of your pet and make the decision to honor your pet’s memory and to memorialize him/her when you feel like!