Will attempting to boost your natural hair growth actually work? You won’t find out until you actually try. The nice thing about making an attempt is that it won’t take much. You can actually have fun trying to figure it all out – you get to taste the best ingredients to learn how to grow your hair back a natural way!

Okay, you may be asking, why stick to just food? Why not include DIY shampoos, or conditioners? After all, learning how to regrow hair naturally is not given to everyone. Well, these can and do affect the way hair grows, and figuring out which one has the best ingredients can be interesting too, but we need to limit the scope of our pursuit. This article will focus on healthy foods because some of the greatest causes for hair loss are hormonal imbalances, under-active thyroid glands, and/or nutrient deficiencies.

How To Regrow Hair Naturally : Give It A Boost With Food!

Food, in some way or form, plays a role in correcting these hair loss causes, so get ready to get hungry!

If all you want to do is to help out your hair, just add some flavor to your diet with avocados. Like walnuts, flaxseed, and fish, avocados can provide the essential fatty acids that your body needs to create strong, healthy hair. You can try making some fresh avocado salsa, or even attempt making an avocado nut bread! But straight nuts will go a long way, along with brown rice and oats, to boost the biotin levels in your body (which in turn maintains the health of your hair and scalp).

Your hair’s natural growth would best be supplemented with B-complex vitamins, which can reduce hair thinning. It has properties that can increase the blood circulation of your scalp, which can help your hair’s follicles rejuvenate.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally with Fruits

how to regrow hair naturally using fruits.. Strawberries, red peppers, or citrus fruits? All of these can boost the amount of vitamin C in your body, which helps with collagen production. Collagen protects your hair from breaking because it coats it at the root. Maybe you would want to try a zingy citrus guacamole, instead of the avocado salsa, so that your body not only receives the essential fatty acids it needs, but it also gets the extra kick for collagen production. If breakage is of great concern, consider supplementing with vitamin E too! If you like figs and berries, or cashews and dried fruits, these can give the Iron needed for good hair growth.

If you want the foods you add to your diet to have a more precise effect on your natural hair growth, consider getting your hormone levels tested. Too much estrogen can cause hair loss and too much testosterone can do the same (all the while adding hair growth in all the wrong places!). Also, check your insulin! Although it isn’t well known, insulin affects hair growth. Insulin resistance has been associated with female pattern baldness (according to the European Journal of Cardiovascular Risk). It also wouldn’t hurt to add more fiber into your diet, as it will help regulate the estrogen levels in your body that may caused any hair loss you’ve experienced.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoying healthy foods will surely help you (and your hair!) in the long-run.