Phones have continued to become more powerful and more useful in people’s daily lives. This is why many find it impossible to be separated from their phones, and carry them wherever they go. Their phones provide directions to their destinations, information on nearby restaurants, instant messaging with friends and much more. One main downside though is that this causes people to have their phones in close proximity much of the time, resulting in increased exposure to radiation. This is something that is continuing to be studied, so in the meantime, it’s a good idea to learn more about reducing iPhone radiation.

Shut Down Connections When Possible

One answer to the question onhow to reduce iPhone radiation is shutting down as many of the wireless connections as possible. Now, it may not be possible to shut them all off. After all, people will still want to receive their phone calls and text messages, so full airplane mode won’t be an option for them. And if they rely on the phone for social media updates and instant messaging, they may need to keep either Wi-Fi or mobile data on. But it should be possible to shut down other wireless connections such as Bluetooth and the like. Also, if you know that you do not need data at certain times during the day, you can use an app, which automatically turns off Wi-Fi and mobile data, based on a set schedule. All these steps will help to limit the amount of radiation your phone is emitting. While it may take some fiddling or app automation, this is, in fact, a concrete answer to how to reduce iPhone radiation.

Keep Your Distance during Calls

When it comes to the question of how to reduce iPhone radiation reaching your face, you need to look for ways to keep the phone away from you during calls. One way to do this is to make use of a wired headset, especially when talking for extended periods of time. This will keep your iPhone away from your head, reducing your radiation exposure. It also has the added benefit of allowing the call’s sound to be clearer since it’s entering both ears. Another possibility is using the speakerphone of your iPhone, whenever you’re taking a call in relative privacy. You can still talk freely because other people aren’t nearby listening in. And you can put your iPhone on a table or other surface, away from your head. These are two ways of reducing iPhone radiation, which don’t rely on any new accessories or devices.

Use a Bag

Too many people carry their mobile phones around in their pockets. This is a problem because, even if the phone isn’t receiving a call, it will still tend to have various wireless connections on, and it will still be emitting radiation. You do not want that near your face, but the same is true for other parts of your body. So, one answer to how to reduce iPhone radiation is by taking the phone out of your pocket and putting it inside a bag. People who already bring bags around will be able to do this relatively easily. If you don’t usually bring a bag, consider making it a habit to do so. After all, this is a straightforward way of reducing your exposure to radiation over much of the day.