Traveling is most relaxing when you have peace of mind that your home is secure while you’re away. Before you leave on your travels, take steps to protect your home so that you can thoroughly enjoy your time away.

Enlist Help

Ask friends and neighbors to keep an eye on your property while you are gone. They can stop by to make sure everything is in order and keep watch for any suspicious activity. They can water plants, bring packages inside, or add chemicals to your pool. It’s best to put a hold on your newspaper and mail delivery, but if you chose not to do that, ask someone to collect those daily.

If you are going to be gone for a significant length of time, set up service professionals to come do work at your house, such as lawn mowing and snow shoveling. According to, “Hiring a property management company for your vacation home can be costly, but it can save a lot of effort (and headaches) on your part.”

Prepare Your Home

Throughout the year, keep up with regular home maintenance. By keeping your house in working order and taking care of minor problems before they become major, something is less likely to go seriously wrong while you are traveling.

Then, before you leave, reduce the chances of a fire by unplugging electronic devices from the wall. Turn off the main water supply so that burst pipes won’t destroy your property.

Of course, be sure to lock all doors and windows before driving away. Bring hidden spare keys inside, so you won’t have any worries about criminals finding them while you are away.

Use a Security System

How To Protect Your Home While Traveling

One of the best things you can do to protect your residence while you are away is to install a home security system. Alarm systems have features like live camera feeds of your property, smartphone enabling and disabling, intruder alarms, emergency personnel alerts, and more.

ADT home alarm system installation professionals can set you up with one of these systems, and because of their industry experience and training, you can rest assured that the electronics will be installed correctly. They’ll even show you how to use the system. You’ll sleep better during your travels when you know for certain that all is well back home.

Even when you’re away from home, your property can be safe, secure, and well cared for. Take steps to protect your home before you leave. Then, all that will be left to do is to relax and enjoy your trip!