Ink is one type of stain you see on carpets. Ink stain removal is important to save the carpet from further harm. Learn some techniques and home-made solutions in giving treatment on the issue. Either way, you can clean it yourself, or, in serious matter, you can call a specialist cleaner.

Ink Stain RemovalHave you accidentally spilled ink on your precious carpet and you have no idea what to do? Most people have been in the same situation. When sauce, wine, food, or ink is spilled on carpet, there is a remedy to take.

Ink stains are not that easy to remove and, in serious cases, you will need to call an expert cleaner to save your carpet. But by using some household solutions, some effective ways to remove ink can be successfully obtained. You can use some items and cleaning products available in the house.

Techniques for Ink Removal

Initially, it is important to identity the fabric material of the carpet before removing the ink stain. Since commercial cleaning products are high in cost, you can alternatively use home-made cleaning solutions. For carpet’s ink stain removal, consider sensibly some helpful tips.

To remove ink from your carpet, the concept is to work on it immediately. Waiting further will worsen the damage on the carpet. You can remove the irritating ink by rubbing it with isopropyl alcohol.

First is to soak a white, clean cloth or cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol. Carefully, dab it on the ink stain ensuring you are not spreading the cotton ball around the stain’s edges. Slowly and cautiously, blot the ink stain from the carpet. Avoid any forceful rubbing. Do the same procedure until you don’t see the stain anymore. The area must be completely dried using hair dryer. With this, you’re done getting rid of the ink stain.

Sometimes, deeply rooted ink stains cannot be treated by this method. For this case, you may need another technique to fix the problem. Try mixing half-measured cup of cold water with a teaspoon of domestic ammonia. Put this mixed solution in a spray bottle then use it on the carpet stain.

Another approach that can remove the stain is by using hair spray. Spray it on the ink carpet stain to make the spot properly saturated. Allow to set in for half an hour before dabbing stain with sponge soaked in cold water. Any type of hairspray can work using this process. However, the best hairspray is the durable clear hold one with aerosol bottle. It is a standard procedure not to rub carpet stain as it will worsen the condition. Ink stain will have the tendency to seep deeper through the fibres and the fabric.

For synthetic fibre material, the best approach to remove ink is to use oil solvent. You can get rid of the ink by applying this on the carpet. Just in case you have bought a commercial carpet cleaning agent, this also will work. Remember, whatever type of solution you want to use, the rule is not to apply too harsh or strong solution. It may discolour the carpet or fade its original colour. Testing the solution first is recommended to know the effectiveness of the product. Learn how fabric will react when solvent is used. See if using it can be helpful and safe to the carpet, humans and pets.

If all things still didn’t work as expected, the last resort is to use the hydrogen peroxide solution. Apply a little amount of this solution on the stain and then dab with paper towel. Hot water is necessary in washing the area. Then afterwards dry your carpet with a hair dryer.

Any type of ink stain is easily treated when quick removal is applied. So if the ink is still fresh, remove the liquid right away. Don’t wait until tomorrow because it may not be completely removed anymore. In the event that ink is really stubborn, go to the experts for help. Only experienced carpet cleaners with specialization can bring the right treatment on ink stain removal. Professionals are well-informed on the right approach for fixing carpet ink stain.