Increasing numbers of people work flexible hours from home rather than commute to an office. An article examining how to creatively use space within your house to give yourself the perfect space to work.

Working from home has many advantages. Not only do you save on travel costs, but you have the convenience of being able to get straight down to business whenever you wish. However, it’s vital to have a designated area in which to work to avoid the noise and mess of everyday family life causing unwelcome interruptions. A separate work space will also allow you to achieve a better work/life balance, allowing you to close the door on your professional life when it’s leisure time. So what are the options?

Office interior
Office interior

Build an office in your garden

You might decide to make your office in an under-used shed but a more desirable option is to invest in a purpose-built structure like the garden studios by companies such as Pod Space. These multi-functional buildings make the perfect workspace as they provide you with ample room for all your requirements. Eco-friendly, they are the ultimate in environmentally-aware design. Usually built from specially-treated wood, using natural materials makes them an unobtrusive addition to your garden.

There are a Number of other benefits too:

Garden studios such as those from Pod Space can be used as work spaces for a number of jobs, from office work to pottery
Having a separate space is important if your job is noisy and you want to avoid disturbing the rest of the household, for example if you are a music teacher
Many companies provide bespoke structures, allowing you to create a design tailor-made for your specific requirements.
Many of these specially-designed buildings have features to maximise their energy-efficiency.
Most don’t require any planning permission and can usually be relocated if you decide to move house.

Use an Existing Room

In the warmer months, using a conservatory, loft or part of your garage can be a good option, although this can be cold in winter. If you only have guests to stay once or twice a year then it might be worth considering converting your spare room into an office space. It will already be equipped with power sockets and lighting so with just a few adjustments, such as additional storage, it provides you with a comfortable space in which to work.

There are Several Advantages to this Option:

    No extra building work needs to be carried out.
    There is little or no cost to yourself.
    You can move in straight away.
    Including a foldaway or sofa bed means the space can still be used by overnight guests if required.

Whether you choose to convert an existing room or treat yourself to one of the specialist garden studios from somewhere like Pod Space, it’s easy to make space for you to work at home. Having a designated area will not only enhance your productivity but improve the balance between work and family life.

Alice Aires is an interiors expert who writes for a variety of blogs and websites. Working freelance from home, she is hoping to swap her small inside study for a specially-crafted office from a company such as Pod Space.