Go Green:

As far as smoking cigarettes goes, there are many warnings that the doctor gives which will make you think twice before using another roll of it. Here, innovators have created a green cigarette which will not harm those around the person who smokes. The secondary inhaler is the one who is most affected by the smoke rather than the primary smoker. Here is where the secondary smoker is saved from inhaling the toxins from the smoke. The electronic cigarette gives out only water vapour and does not give out the awful smell which the original cigarette carries.

For Starters:

For those of you wondering what it would be like to experience the electronic cigarette, trying the blu electronic cigarette starter kit can give you an idea of how it all works. This is available in very attractive white and black colors. This is very stylishly packaged and presented to look so cool and the kids too would be able carry it fashionably.

Innovative Electronics

The Kit:

It contains all the essentials when you want to go the electronic way. The kit is self sufficient as far as the cartridges are concerned. You get five cartridges, loaded with the strength and flavour of your choosing, a charger, an additional wall charger; it has two electronic cigarette batteries, one USB charger, all set so that you may not find anything wanting as far as having the kit is concerned.

Special Features:

The product is quite fashionable both to look and to use as it offers a hygienic way to experiencing the product. It is quite versatile and comes with some very special features. It is given guarantee for thirty days if it does not meet your standards, you get a one year warrantee period for the product, obviously you can return it if does not give you the same experience as the conventional cigarette. There are two power backups as the package contains both the wall charger and the USB charger so you would not run out of power. They offer free shipping and one year warranty on the product. If more batteries are need you can always buy them in no time.

Flavours and Strength:

The flavour options are also quite wide ranged which includes the classical tobacco, cherry crush, java jolt, and the magnificent menthol all guaranteed to your liking and the strength is what you get to choose. If you like it stronger, then you have it, as easy as that. Each of these five cartridges equals more than one pack of the conventional cigarette pack. So, with less to carry and to reuse the same cartridge as you go.

The Looks:

As mentioned earlier, the cartridges and the package come in two attractive colors one the white and the other black, carries a premium look, very stylishly crafted, and elegant that would be causing envy among your friends. This would certainly be a fashion statement to carry around. These days are more about looks and special attention is given to make it look very stunningly sleek. The batteries match with the cartridges and are of premium quality.

Read the Comments:

Before any purchase the buyer wants to know how it worked out with the previous consumer of the blu electronic cigarette starter kit and if you want to know more which you obviously do, check all the social networking sites such as face book, twitter pinterest to get the exact reaction and likes of the users. If anything, consumers always think of value for money, and health. Here, you can be assured of both.