Also known as Sheer Korma, Sheer Khurma is a delicious Mughlai dessert. It is actually a vermicelli pudding prepared during festive season of Eid. It is usually made with vermicelli, milk, sugar and dried dates. ‘Khurma’ is Persian word refers to ‘Dried Dates’ and ‘Sheer’ is known a milk.

The rich dessert or sheer khurma includes several dry fruits, milk and ghee. Sheer Khurma recipe is very simple and you can prepare different variations in sheer Kurma. Most Indian households roast vermicelli first and then add them to milk. Then vermicelli is cooked quite more time till it gets soft. When the milk and vermicelli mix thickens till the end, the fried or roasted dry fruits have been added.

Sheer Khurma is basically served in India on the early morning of the festive day of Eid to all throughout the occasion. This is well-known sweet dessert which is hugely prepared during Eid. Since childhood, Sheer Khurma is one of my favorite desserts. I used to live around people of different religion. We all used to enjoy the festive occasions of all religions together and distribute sweets to every home. And I used to wait for Eid only because of Sheer Khurma. Since I grew old, my lifestyle has been changed. I prepare sheer khurma on my home and miss my joyful childhood memories.

How To Make Yummy Sheer Khurma At Your Home?

I usually soak dry fruits overnight in water or milk. Next day, I get soft dry fruits which are ready for my Sheer Khurma recipe. I am quite impatient and I can’t just wait for enjoying delicious and mouthwatering Sheer Khurma especially when its appealing aroma gets into my nose. That’s why I use sweetened condensed milk to boost up cooking process.

Sheer Khurma also has a mix of cloves, powdered nutmeg and cardamom. But it use saffron and vanilla essence. Some chefs make it with milk powder. I use both condensed milk and milk. Honestly speaking, sheer khurma is made crunchy, delicious and filling. To make it quite thicker, I often overcook the milk. If you don’t like your pudding to be thicker, don’t overcook the milk. Vermicelli is a basic ingredient for preparing Sheer Korma.

Some Insider Tips for Preparing Sheer Korma

• Don’t overcook it

• You may add your favorite dry fruits.

• For making sheer korma instantly, soak dry fruits in hot water. Or you can soak them overnight in milk or water.

Since the dates are sweet, you may just have to add about 1.5 tablespoon of sugar in sheer korma. Both raisins and dates add the sweetness to the dessert. To according to taste, you may change the amount of sugar. Also ensure using vermicelli of fine variety.

This excellent and delicious dessert is usually cooked in winter because you have to add a lot of dry fruits and they provide a lot of warmth and heat to your body. So, it is best to serve sheer korma warm or hot during winters. This is one of the easiest Indian sweets recipes you will notice.