Oh-so-heavenly, tender yet crispy and extremely scrumptious!

Yes u guessed it right!

Pizza is what it is.

In my 30 years of existence, I cannot recall a single occasion which was celebrated without a pizza.

I remember my mother baking pizzas for us when we had birthday parties with school friends. It used to make us feel different, as if we were the coolest sisters in the gang.

The fact that we were twins always fascinated our friends. And the other thing that they always remembered was my mother’s amazing pizzas. I remember their parents calling to ask for recipe.

It used to make us feel all the more special and stylish. We enjoyed every bit of our life and our mom made sure she celebrated our life with our favorite dishes and desserts.

It is our turn now, our turn to make her feel special. It’s her 60th birthday after all, and we want to make sure she feels like the luckiest mother and is proud of her existence now.

Have You Ever Celebrated With Pizza?

We thought, since Indian mothers find happiness in doing countless things for their family and so we thought reminding her of some of those and telling her we are grateful and thanking her for the efforts and pains she took in bringing us up, might make her feel happy.

We planned a lot things that would remind her of the times she ignored her own happiness to make us happy. For instance, going to Goa for vacation, even though her dream destination is Kerela; going to a Chinese restaurant on HER birthday, even though she wanted to eat Italian food; not buying a new saree for herself so that we could go on a school trip; running around to different colleges for admission in spite of her knee pain etc. and she never complained about all this ever. The list of times when she created happiness for us and ignored herself is never-ending.

We had arranged everything from her gift to guest list to food. Now all that needed to happen was the party on the D-Day.

The evening arrived and everything was perfect. Exactly as we had planned. We took our mom to the venue, the guests had started arriving and she was surprised to see the arrangement and as usual, cried a little. Thankfully these were tears of happiness, and then she gave was warmest ever, and we knew she was loving it.

Then she went in a corner with an old friend from our school and did something on her laptop. It was strange but we ignored, after all it was her day and she could do whatever she liked. After about couple of minutes we had cake and gifts and compliments started flowing her way.

Suddenly we see this delivery from Domino’s, mom went to the entrance and took it for us. As usual she remembered, we cannot celebrate without the most appreciated pie ever. She had ordered pizza-vegetarian from www.dominos.co.in, this was really surprising and this time we cried again. Once a mom, always a mom, she knows how to create happiness.

We had one pizza box each and we felt richer, this time with her love and of course the pizza. Its aroma took our heart away and we were eager to eat. We quickly got a platter set for mom and attacked our pizzas as always. The pizza crust was so perfectly done that it actually reminded me of the fresh baked pie my mom used to serve.

All of us enjoyed the meal, the guests were happy, we quickly attended them but made sure not to share our slices of joy. It was one of the yummiest pizzas ever.