It’s seven in the morning. It’s a regular Tuesday and you are heading out to work. The overhead door stops you. It doesn’t open. It doesn’t only bother you that you can’t get the car out but also don’t know what’s wrong with it. Sudden garage door problems are always frustrating whether in a hurry to go or not. Nobody likes dealing with problems! What’s important is knowing which garage door parts are preventing you from carrying on with your day. Less serious problems can be fixed by Garage Door Repair Ashland upon your return from work.

How To Deal With Sudden Problems

All problems related to garage doors are serious. No problem is innocent enough to be neglected. The only difference is that some parts can be repaired a little later without having immediate and negative effects on personal safety. As long as the door opens up for you to get the car out without compromising safety or running the risk of car damage, you are alright for now. Though, some problems will keep the door closed or open plus won’t let you get on with a daily schedule. Let’s find out which are the most common of these problems and what can be done about them.

Easy Solutions to Common Problems

One of the most common reasons why doors don’t open is related to springs. Simply put, broken garage door springs will keep the door on the floor. There is no much you can do at that point other than call for assistance. If the springs are not replaced, the door will remain closed. What you can do is align the sensors. If the door opens but reverses the minute it starts going down, there is a problem with the safety eyes. Most certainly, you cannot leave the door open and go to work. One trick to make sure the problem is caused by the sensors is to hold down the wall button. The door should close but will come back the minute you remove the finger from the button. Aligning the safety eyes is not hard. If nothing else is blocking the beams, just shake them a bit till the light comes back on strong.

Some other garage door opener problems will take a few minutes of your time. If the door won’t close all the way or open enough to get the car in the driveway, adjust the travel limit at the unit. It’s a clean job and won’t get your suit dirty. If the door does not give adequate clearance for the car to pass through, adjust the UP button or switch. For such tasks, you need to use flathead screwdrivers. Every time you turn the switch clockwise, the door goes up by 2”. If the door doesn’t close, turn the DOWN button counterclockwise. If the door keeps reversing, decrease the DOWN limit by turning the button clockwise. Once the system is adjusted, you must check the reverse mechanism. Place a small object under the descending door. It must reverse when it makes contact with the object. If it stops but does not reverse, increase the DOWN travel.

These are the most serious problems, which will keep you from heading out all of a sudden. If you don’t feel comfortable fixing them, it’s best to get a taxi. Remember that safety comes first and that’s why any other problem must not be handled alone.