When moving property, it can be a very exciting yet confusing time – there is a lot to deal with and many different processes you have to follow and complete before everything can be done and you can sell your property. This means that learning how to sell property in Texas is going to be important to the smooth completion of the entire process, otherwise it could take longer than you can want or afford.

To Sell Property In Texas

Selling Up?

When you are considering selling your property, you really need to make sure you understand the process. Your first step should be understanding why you are selling;

  • Is it for financial reasons?
  • Is it for work reasons?
  • Do you want your children to grow up elsewhere?
  • Do you and your family want a fresh start?

This makes deciding if moving is really for you. You do not want to sell your property if you have unclear motives or goals for the process. You must be able to detach yourself from the property and get ready to move, you need to think about your property as a commodity and an investment.

Set the Price

When deciding the price of your property, there are a raft of decisions and eventualities you must consider. How strong is the market? How desirable is the area in Texas you live in? How much work does the property need?

These are all things you should be considering about your property as you look to sell it. Remember that setting the price too high could scare away buyers, so you need to consider not only your only goals and limits, but the market itself and what others are willing to pay. If you are in need of advice, we highly recommend you speak to a professional regarding your property, as you can get fantastic consultations from experts who can provide you with a full report of your property, so you can list full and detailed listings and get the best price possible.


Preparing your property for a showing is especially important. You cannot underestimate how big this is – you need your property to sparkle. Showing your property off to its highest potential is how to sell property in Texas, it gives off the approach that the buyer is looking for – it reels them in quickly and does not disappoint afterwards.

Many propertys are mediocrely maintained, unfortunately, so if you can keep your property in good condition and ensure that it is spotless for the arrival of any potential buyers, you could put yourself ahead of the market or even the up the value ever so slightly should it shine enough.

Remember that the quality of the property is matched by how it looks on arrival, so first impressions are extremely important!


Once you have dazzled enough viewers that you get a bid that suits you, then you can start the process to sell your property. Remember that everybody will try to get the best deal possible, so be prepared for some negotiation on pricing structures and final fees.

Once you are happy with the prices and terms from both parties, you can have the contract drawn up by a lawyer. Any offer in writing has to be legally checked and is therefore legally binding, any oral offers do not count legally so be sure to get any offer you want to proceed with in writing.

Remember that not everybody is out to undercut you or scam you – there will be genuine buyers who will look to haggle with you because they need the money to upgrade the property. Do not take any suggestions of a lower fee personally or as an attack on your property, it could just be the limit of their offering power.

Once the buyer has inspections scheduled concluded and they are happy with the property then you can start to close proceedings. Ensure that all financing is in place before things start to move forward, too, as this could hold things up and then there could be problems down the line. Ensure they have the money or have been qualified for a loan to buy your property.

Finishing Up

When everything is all sealed and done, and the right documents have been filed with your lawyer, then you can finish proceedings by requesting a HUD1 Statement Sheet from your buyer. This helps you keep track of everything. If you need any help with any of the documents that need processed – your lawyer will be able to tell you what documents you will need, as it can vary – then you will be able to sell your property in Texas with ease and move on to your next location!

Cremplates is an expert on real estate and loves to write when not working on their own properties.