Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees offered by BBA colleges and management schools in the country. Many of these also offer specialisations for students to opt from. BBA with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought after courses these days.

The growth path and career options for degree holders are numerous. In fact, many students look at campus placement track records before they enroll in the college offering the degree. Let us take a look at a few of the options you can choose from after electing to study a BBA in Entrepreneurship.

Opt for Campus Placement 

Enter the corporate world right after college. The best colleges for BBA are often recruitment hubs for leading corporates that are looking for young and dynamic managers who have learnt the ropes of management and entrepreneurship from reputed business leaders. Even if you are not keen on opting for a campus placement job, you can certainly look for career opportunities in reputed corporations. Opportunities for graduates from leading business schools may also come through the alumni association network.

Launch your own Start-up 

One of the major reasons for opting for a specialisation in Entrepreneurship is to study the challenges that may crop up during the launch of a start-up and learn to overcome these. No matter what the scale of your dream, no matter if you plan to go solo or start a partnership; a BBA in Entrepreneurship will give you exposure to the various aspects of starting and running your business.

Join the Family Business 

BBA in Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular undergraduate courses opted for by those who wish to ultimately join the family business and bring in an unprecedented level of professionalism into these enterprises. The most important learnings that these budding entrepreneurs learn are to introduce technological innovation to generations old businesses and to take advantage of government schemes.

Take on the Civil Services Exams

The business administration degree is an excellent foundation on which you can build a civil services career and learn the ropes of administrating this vast country of ours. The UPSC exams offer a range of subjects including Commerce and Accountancy, Economics, Management, and Public Administration. Many of these will have been covered in the course of your undergraduate studies in the business school.

Apply for a Postgraduate Degree in Management 

Opting for an MBA after pursuing a BBA in Entrepreneurship is often a popular choice with students who wish to study further. An MBA is a more focused study of the nitty-gritties of business management. The best colleges for BBA in Delhi and other parts of the country allow students to study businesses across the world and offer the mentorship of some of the best global business icons.

Opt for a specialised Financial Certification 

Many students who opt for an undergraduate degree in business management with a major in Entrepreneurship also opt for a specialised certification in financial management. This could be a Chartered Accountancy (CA) or a Company Secretary (CS) certification. Financial planning and maintenance of audit and accountancy procedures is one of the most important aspects of any business. The prudent entrepreneur will want to acquire one of these degrees to be able to build a successful business.