Singing is very easy to do. Everyone can do that. We just need to open our mouth and sing. However, singing professionally is very difficult. Ver small mistake will be noticeable and it is important to make sure that our voice is at its best. Professional singers also keep an overall good health and physically fit body. They have at least moderate exercise, proper sleep and maintain a healthy diet. Alcohol, illegal drugs and smoking need to be avoided, although some rock stars won’t mind doing them. The stereotypes of rock star lifestyle aren’t a reality. Singers who maintain long, productive career are really serious about taking good care of themselves.

Unfortunately, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin are singers and vocalists who were not able to avoid the excesses. Even professional singers need constant training. Lawyers, doctors and other professionals need enough training to excel in their chosen educations. Regardless of methods we choose, we should learn how to use our vocal cords properly. This should allow us to deal with any kind of problems. Singing can be very exciting and fun, regardless of intense training. It is important to make sure that we have the right breathing technique and posture.

The basic method of checking our posture is by standing up with our back against the well. Our feet should be kept parallel to our shoulders. Our spine should be aligned and our back must be straight. Our vertebrae should stack on top of others in a perfect, straight line. Our body will be completely out of balance, when our spine is out of alignment. Proper singing won’t be possible if we have muscle tension. Our neck should straight up and our head should have an elevated feeling. However, we shouldn’t force ourselves to hold this posture or our voice will be somewhat distorted.

Breath support should allow us to produce very pleasant tone without straining it too much. When we inhale before singing, expansion should be felt around our midsection. Our spinal muscle, abdominal section and diaphragm should work together. Regardless of whether we make slow hissing sound or singing loudly, we should try to maintain the expansion of our midsection. This should allow us to sing with less vocal fatigue, better tone and healthy manner. The next thing that we should do is by maintaining quality and tone placement. In this case, if we want to produce lower notes, we should use our chest voice and head voice for producing higher notes.

With good and well supported breath, we should be able to achieve higher notes. There are techniques that we could do to enable our body works freely. We should be able to release mental stress, restrictive breathing habits, postural imbalance and physical tension. There should be a direct correlation between natural breathing, posture and the actual singing activity. There’s a strong correlation between breathing, body posture and singing performance. Mastering these techniques should be easy to do for many singers.