Are you finding that some employees are bored of doing the same thing? Then get them trained on other parts of the business. Rather than have your employees look elsewhere for a new role, aim to keep them by offering other roles etc. Keep training your staff as this will in turn keep them engaged and feel like they are getting more out of this role oThe winter months are here, the days are darker and colder and people are struggling to wake up in the mornings. Everyone has weeks where they get everything ticked off their to-do list and it keeps them motivated, there are also those weeks where you are less motivated and that is completely normal. But when you find out that your employees are lagging a little for a prolonged amount of time, you may want to find out what their worries and problems are so you can resolve the issue before they get fed up and leave.

It is always important to keep your employees happy as much as possible as these are the people helping you achieve your goals. If you are finding out that your employees are like this, then keep reading as we will go through some helpful tips on how to improve motivation in the office. 

Learn What People Want 

It is important to understand that not one motivational factor works for all employees as one might be looking for a promotion and training where someone may be motivated with flexible hours. At the end of the day, we all go to work for some reason whether it is to get a new car or house whereas some people come to work because they want to be part of a team and get goals completed. The thing that motivates us is what we need from our job, so it is important to know what motivates your employees so that you can help them achieve their motivational factors by guiding them in the right direction. 

Set Realistic Goals

If you are finding that your employees are looking a bit lost, this could be down to them not having realistic goals that they can follow. If your staff are just getting on with their role but look like they are not enjoying it, then it may be worth sitting them down and seeing what their progression goals are so you can help them along the way. If you are not doing this regularly, then it can be difficult to determine how your staff are feeling. A motivational workplace will provide clear direction so they know what is expected. 

Provide Employee Recognition

Have you ever experienced not being recognised for your hard work? Have you ever stayed late to get work done and then your boss walks out before you? These are the types of actions that will result in your employees leaving which I assume is what you did to get to where you are now. Do not take your employees for granted and make sure that you celebrate every occasion and achievement. You will already know how it feels to be praised so give it to your workers, they deserve it. This doesn’t have to be huge gifts or bonuses but the occasional treat like bakery products or something will suffice. Obviously, if staff have done something amazing then bigger rewards are obviously needed. 

Train and Develop

The training needs to be valuable and will also encourage them to learn more skills which will, in turn, help them to progress but also help you as a business fill new roles and get jobs done well. Training courses could be around management development, new strategy training, new tech training. They all work well to improve the business and also the employees.

Celebrate Holidays and Create Traditions

Traditions are important when it comes to family, so it makes sense that you would want traditions for your work family. Nothing is more important or gets people excited than annual traditions for special occasions. Whether that is dressing up at Halloween, having a Christmas jumper day or the annual Christmas party. 

A holiday celebration is a great way to get your team motivated and build positive morale. This goes with many different team-building exercises so it might be worth doing something team building each month. 

There are many different ways in which you can motivate your staff, it just requires some time spent on them. Find out what motivates them, find out what they want out of this role and you will see a change in how your employees go about their roles.