With the summer months here and the temperature about to rise, more car owners will start their car’s air conditioning to begin their day. However, if the car has been sitting out in the cold all fall and winter long, then cranking up the air conditioning immediately when it starts to get hot may not be the best idea. This is because the parts that make up the air conditioning system could be damaged after a long winter. Here is how a car owner can fine tune their car air conditioning before the summer heat arrives.

Feel What Kind of Air is Coming Out

One of the first diagnostic checks is to see how the heat and cool air coming from the air conditioning feels. If the hot air seems cold, then there could be a problem with the air conditioning thermostat or the heater core. If the cold air seems hot, then there could be a problem with the compressor. Feeling both the cold air and the hot air are important because no car owner wants to sit on a big problem through a season. The inter-connected aspect of the air conditioning and heater means that a problem with the heater could be a huge issue with the air conditioner.

Check Belts

While the car is running, the car owner can open the hood and see how the belts are working. Belts are crucial pieces to the car engine and the air conditioning. The compressor, which helps to power the air conditioning, is covered by a belt that is helped by the serpentine belt, the main belt the engine needs to run. If the air conditioning is on, then the compressor belt should be spinning at a high rate. If it is not, then the belt may need lubrication or a new compressor belt may be needed. If you are having trouble diagnosing or repairing belt issues, consider a repair shop such as Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler in Calgary or a mechanic near you.

How To Fine Tune Your Car AC Before The Summer Heat

Clean the Air Filter

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) outlines the things a car owner should do for their car before the summer begins. When it comes to the air conditioner, the ASE recommends that the air filter is cleaned or changed. The air filter does exactly what it would seem; it removes large particles from the outside air before the air is cooled or heated through the air conditioning system. Over time, this filter becomes increasingly dirty and ineffective. Changing it before the summer is a great idea to get clean and efficient cold air into the car.

Always Run the Air Conditioning

Like a well-oiled machine, the air conditioning can perform better if it is ran often, including in the winter. Most mechanics recommend that the car owner runs the air conditioner once a week throughout the year. Doing this will help exercise the air conditioning system and prepare for the hot summer months. In addition, if a problem arises in a cool month, the car owner has time to prepare the air conditioning system before it gets hot.

Being prepared for the summer months is an important step for any car owner. While checking the tires, battery, and other engine parts, performing diagnostic tasks with the air conditioner throughout the year will help prepare the car owner for the hot summer months.