Many travelers are jumping on the green travel bandwagon. Fortunately, there are many services, hotels and travel agents that support green lifestyle for travelers. Ecotourism is also about responsible travel to conserve that environment. This kind of travel should also be able to improve the overall well-being of locals. Despite the perceived limitations, it is possible that ecotourism to allows to enjoy the overall wonder. When we go to many tourist destinations, we should always try to implement responsible travel methods. The overall environmental impacts caused by traveling activity should be minimized. Even when we walk briskly, we release more carbon dioxide through our respiratory system. Cars, ships, trains, buses and airplanes release thousands tons of greenhouse gasses each year. It means that even the smallest and lightest traveling activity may contribute to global warming. We will be better able to sustain the longevity of the nature. It means that our future generation will be able to have good chance to travel around the world. It means that they will be able to enjoy the world too.

Ecotourism achieves its goal if it’s able support local communities, sustain the nature and conserve natural resources. This activity is much easier to achieve of we have been able to implement eco-friendly methods at home. It won’t be too difficult to implement the same methods in distant countries with some necessary adjustments. For people who are not familiar with green concepts, they may do a number of steps to extensively reduce their carbon footprint while traveling. The easiest way is by traveling light and we should bring only what we need. Airplanes, buses and trains are able to travel faster with much less fuel, if they carry less load. Because transportation means produce huge amount of greenhouse gasses, we should move around sensibly. Airplanes produce more pollutants and carbon-based molecules into the air. About 10 percent of annual production of greenhouse gasses are due to air traffic. Once we arrive to a destination area, we should make the most of it and stay there longer. Try to make one long air travel, instead of a few shorter ones.

We should be able to find responsible accommodation that offers green implementations. These hotels may recycle leftover food to make compost for nearby garden to create nearly sustainable food cycle. They should also use non-toxic cleaning and bedding products. Solar and wind energy can also be used for electricity, cooling and heating purposes. It is also a good idea if these hotels serve organic meals obtained from nearby farms and plantations.  When staying in a foreign country, we should act like locals. We should use local public transportation and eat local food. Eating and using imported foodstuff and items will contribute to higher carbon footprint. We may also walk around and ride a bike more. Many travelers don’t have to interrupt their workout routine if they walk briskly in tourist destinations. By going to places on foot and with bicycles, we could also see what locals do in their daily lives and this will add to overall experiences.