Organizations face a number of challenges. Right from delivering a unified message and building strong teams to facilitating effective executive-employee communication, organizations need to stay one step ahead and constantly endeavor to engage their workforce. Live webcasting and streaming events have become popular tools to connect and engage with employees. They’re particularly effective in expanding the reach and the impact of key events, meetings and messages.  The scope of live streaming technology is vast and covers products and services promotion, live announcements, online meetings and employee awareness. Companies are using live video technologies like webcasting to communicate with internal stakeholders.

Using a webcasting solution helps in reducing logistic hassles and lets you focus more on sending across the right message. Here are 6 ways how webcasting can help your organization grow an engaged workforce:

  • Wide reach: Webcasts allow you to reach a wider base of audience spread across different regions. Companies for obvious reasons cannot always bring together all employees under one roof. This can hamper communication in a big way if the right message doesn’t reach the employees in time. With webcasting capabilities, you now have the potential to reach almost anyone remotely. This helps to widen access to information and events, especially in training where everyone receives the same information ensuring consistency.
  • Minimize operational cost: For globally spread organizations, it is practically not possible to bring all employees together physically. There are a number of operation costs such as travel and boarding involved. In such cases, webcasts can be put to use to disseminate important sessions online without any additional expenses.
  • Building stronger teams: Webcasts help build stronger teams. Participants have the sense that executives are speaking directly to them, which fosters a direct and intimate communication between the top management and employees. Because employees are able to ask questions of the executive staff, which they normally would not have an opportunity to do, there is more interaction and interest from the employees. All of this comes together to create better collaboration and team morale because the employees feel part of one single team working to achieve a common goal.
  • Increased productivity: Webcasting connects employees faster and facilitates the exchange of ideas. This inflow of new ideas helps organizations to become more innovative, flexible and can drastically bring down time-to-market for products. Thus using webcasting technologies can improve the productivity of your employees.
  • Increased employee flexibility: Today, flexibility is considered hygiene, the absence of which can lead to employee dissatisfaction. Employees no longer want to follow the traditional 9-to-5 rule. They want to be in control of their work and look out for organizations that promote employee trust and independence. With webcasting technologies in place, employees have the convenience of working remotely. Employees working remotely can watch live video while in transit or from home. Webcasting capabilities do not have a range restriction. Anyone with internet connectivity and access rights can participate in your event.
  • Branding and marketing: Webcasts are a great communication tool because not only can you reach a wide audience base but also have the ability to record and archive all your webcast sessions for branding and marketing purposes.
  • An eco-friendly solution. With environmental concerns gaining ground, organizations are looking out for ways to showcase themselves as caring and responsible entities. Since webcasting is fully virtual in nature, this means a considerable reduction in the environmental footprint of your events and businesses.