Smart casual, the dress code that not many men know how to pull off, until now. Smart casual outfits are a great occasional outfit that can be worn in the office if needed. This outfit style has been around for decades and is part of the definition of timeless, classic or some would even call a capsule wardrobe. 

The smart casual dress code shouldn’t fill you with fear, it can actually be a positive thing due to it being sharp and smart whilst also being comfortable and relaxed. This outfit really does allow you to go into the office followed by a date without having to worry whether you are overdressed or not. In this article, we can save your worries as we will go through some top tips on how to dress smart casual. 


Smart Casual Styling Tips

Due to smart and casual being opposite sides of the spectrum, it can be difficult to determine where you best fit. Are you too smart, or too casual? If in doubt, it’s always best to be the best dressed in the room, rather than being too casual and not looking like you haven’t made an effort. 

Keep Things Simple

Simple is always the best way to go when you are struggling to determine how smart or casual you want to go. If you know of an outfit that you have that can be combined with a piece that is the opposite, then try this and work from there. A simple shirt, relaxed blazer, thin knit and a pair of jeans can work really well. Smart casual always looks best when it is understated. Pair with some accessories and you will look great.

Colours that Complement

Colour coordination is what is going to separate you from the crowd. Smart casual is not simply a suit with sneakers, now the trend has gone further and encourages the use of separates rather than a whole suit in the same colour and pattern. If you are going to mix and match blazers and trousers, opt for muted tones that compliment each other such as stone and navy, oak and grey or black with any colour. There are many versatile colours, you just need to know what goes.

Crack Down On Detail

When smart casual is aiming to keep it simple, the finer details matter significantly. Paying attention to the little things can transform your outfit and make that extra polished look. Examples of this include making sure that your trousers aren’t too long, if they are, get them tailored to just above your shoe. Other examples include ensuring your shoes are clean and polished if leather or your white sneakers are clean and crisp. If you are wearing a belt, make sure the leathers match with your shoes. Brown with brown, black with black. Make sure that your clothes fit you properly, oversized is too casual. Tailor your blazer whilst getting your trousers done so it fits you like no other suit. The details really do transform an outfit so be sure to tick all the boxes. 

Start Casual

If you are struggling to create a smart casual outfit, an easy way is to start casual and work from there. What would you wear in a casual situation? Not tracksuits. Its pretty easy to have a casual outfit and swap a few things out for a more refined look. For example, go with the basic jeans, tee, hoodie and white sneaker combination. This is a comfortable, stylish and super easy outfit to pull off. 

When turning this into a smart casual outfit, there are a few simple ways in which you can do this. First, you could simply swap out the hoodie for an unstructured blazer or even keep the hoodie on and add a blazer. Alternatively, swap your jeans for a pair of trousers and wear a blazer over your tee.


What Are Smart Casual Staples?  

Unstructure Blazer

The unstructured blazer is quite different from a standard suit blazer. Due to it featuring no padding around the shoulders and chest. This in turn allows the blazer to drape slightly rather than shape around your body.

Drawstring Trousers  

Tailored trousers are great and they are a staple, but in recent years, drawstring trousers became a thing and are now the go to for many men. The drawstring offers more comfort opposed to the traditional fixed waistband and belt. They act more like sweatpants with the band moving with your body. The difference is they are made from much smarter materials such as wool or cotton making them look like a standard pair of trousers.      

Minimal Sneakers 

Minimal sneakers are essential as this is what can transform an outfit from smart to smart casual. A pair of leather sneakers with a minimal design and clean lines will wear great with trousers, chinos, jeans and any other outfit you want to wear.  

Plain Tee  

A plain tee can go a long way and can make a simple transition. A Navy pair of drawstring trousers and unstructured blazer paired with a white tee and white minimal sneakers are a great look for the everyday look. 

There are many ways in which you can turn both smart and casual outfits into a smart casual combination. Keeping it simple is key, minimal trainers and unstructured trousers are a killer combination so shop around for a style that suits you.