We human beings are wired to be social creatures. Like it or not, attending social events is an important part of our lives. Although many of us would like to be part of a larger social gathering, it is difficult to choose which event to be a part of. Picking an event becomes hard since we are not only investing our hard earn money into it, but also our valuable time. Remember, it’s useless if you have a list of all events in Bangalore if you have no idea about the points mentioned over here.

  • Does it Match your Tastes?

The first thing that you must be looking while picking an event is if it matches your tastes and interests. It is not only your tastes that matter here; it also depends on the interests of those who will be accompanying you, like your friends and family. You also need to make sure if the event is kid-friendly in case children are also tagging along with you.

  • Is it at a Convenient Time?

The next important criteria would be the schedule of the said event. You should be able to manage your time and fit the event into your schedule. The event must not be held at a time when you’ll be arriving late and more importantly, it shouldn’t make you late for something else! Make sure you properly check the timings given from official sources.

  • Is it at a Nearby Place?

 The events that you will be attending must be ideally at a nearby location. You should be able to reach the venue with minimum effort. The more far-off the venue is, the more likely that you will be missing it, especially if it is held on a weekend. Bangalore traffic dictates that you’ll have to leave hours early to reach on time. Travelling to far off places might even result in spending more time inside the car than at the event.

  • Does the Entry fee/ticket Fall in the Right Price Range?

 Some events offer entry completely free, but most often than not, there will be an entry fee. You need to make sure that the money you are willing to spend fits into your budget and doesn’t seem too expensive. It’s not just about the price, but also about the returns you get in terms of entertainment.

  • Is the Entire Event Worth it?

Above all work out for yourself if the event you planning to attend is worth it, in terms of time, money and anything else that you think might go into the effort of attending it. At the end of the day, you must not feel that everything done was in vain and the event wasn’t really worth it.

Stick to these guidelines as much as possible to enjoy the event to the maximum. It is imperative to have accurate information about the events so that you or your loved ones will not end up disappointed by how things turned out.

Author: The author works for an event management company in Bangalore. He is interested in writing and occasionally writes for eventshigh.